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Reliving the 1940s

12 Jun

Planes, cars, fashion, music, dancing … these are some of the sights and sounds which create a surreal connection to the 1940s. Continue reading


Why Hats Kept Fashionistas Sane in WWII

8 Jun

Hats are the greatest, most obvious statement of personal style, but during the 1940s it was the predominant form of expression women had. Continue reading

How to Find & Wear 1940s Fashion

6 Jun

Want to look like a 1940s bombshell? Follow these tips and you will! Continue reading

How to Dress a Boy in a Vintage 1940s Look

24 May

For a throw-back look for theme parties to parades, or just plain old-fashioned fun, here’s how you can dress your wee lads in a vintage 1940s look. Continue reading