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How to Wear Vintage Styles for Business Success

7 Oct Robin Wallace Thrifty Vintage Chic Style Vintage Fashion

To some, vintage conjures “stodgy” and yet this vintage 1960s dress is quite the opposite of dull or uninspired.  Continue reading

Be an Original: Wear Vintage with a Sexy Modern Edge

15 Sep 6145936597_2f0cc366be_b

This my most gay outfit, ever — as in my most happy and bright look. Here’s why. Continue reading

How to Make a Vintage Dress Modern & Hip

22 Aug speakeasy

The first hint of fall trends crept into this summer evening outfit with a cable knit vest and a wool fedora. See how I made this 70-year-old dress look modernly fashion forward. Continue reading

How-to Wear Bold Colors & Velour in the Summer

9 Aug 6028068072_cc01d1dab3_z

A cheerful color makes me happy, but what makes me even happier are several bright colors together painting a perfectly elegant and strong picture of feminine style. Here’s my paint-by-numbers guide! Continue reading