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How-to Wear Bold Colors & Velour in the Summer

9 Aug

A cheerful color makes me happy, but what makes me even happier are several bright colors together painting a perfectly elegant and strong picture of feminine style. Here’s my paint-by-numbers guide! Continue reading


Reliving the 1940s

12 Jun

Planes, cars, fashion, music, dancing … these are some of the sights and sounds which create a surreal connection to the 1940s. Continue reading

20 Great Looks of 2010 from Thrifty Vintage Chic

29 Dec

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2010: The last year of the first decade of the 21st century … now, that context absolutely shouts why this year was a milestone.

Continue reading

Why Velour Makes a 1980s Baby Happy

11 Dec

I’m an ’80s baby, but I’m really not an ’80s baby, in terms of loving that decade’s claim to fashion fame (or was it infamy?). However, this classic 1980s shirt dress has made me double think the era’s possible sense of style … Continue reading