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How to Wear Vintage Styles for Business Success

7 Oct

To some, vintage conjures “stodgy” and yet this vintage 1960s dress is quite the opposite of dull or uninspired.  Continue reading


Be an Original: Wear Vintage with a Sexy Modern Edge

15 Sep

This my most gay outfit, ever — as in my most happy and bright look. Here’s why. Continue reading

Jazz Age Lawn Party, Governors Island 2011

3 Sep

Boarding a ferry to chug across the waterways to an isle adjacent to the island of Manhattan kind of sets the mood perfectly for a weekend of a Roaring 20s Jazz Age Lawn Party. Come sail with me to Governors Island, where all the magic unfolds. Continue reading

How to Make a Vintage Dress Modern & Hip

22 Aug

The first hint of fall trends crept into this summer evening outfit with a cable knit vest and a wool fedora. See how I made this 70-year-old dress look modernly fashion forward. Continue reading