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5 Style Tips Before Prom Dress Shopping

13 Mar

Prom is a once in a lifetime experience, so you’ll no doubt want everything to be perfect — the shoes, the makeup, and most importantly, the dress. But what makes a perfect prom dress? Continue reading


The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

9 May

With barely four days before one of the biggest holidays of the year, do you have a gift for Mother Dearest? Short on time? Can barely spare a dime? Here’s a gift that’s thrifty & chic! Continue reading

How to Wear Vintage Styles for Business Success

7 Oct

To some, vintage conjures “stodgy” and yet this vintage 1960s dress is quite the opposite of dull or uninspired.  Continue reading

Be an Original: Wear Vintage with a Sexy Modern Edge

15 Sep

This my most gay outfit, ever — as in my most happy and bright look. Here’s why. Continue reading