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How To Make a DIY Valentine’s Day Gift for Less Than $20

14 Feb

Five-star candle-lit dinner, little blue boxes with big diamonds or an apartment filled with dozens of long-stem roses, yes, we’ve all seen the sentiments of love expressed throughout our lives, if only via a box-office hit.

Yet, for as romantic and tremendously generous such expressions of love are, a Valentine’s Day gift can be just as grand without all the decimal points. Here’s one DIY Valentine’s Day gift you can make for less than $20: The Sweetheart Plate. Continue reading


Before & After: A DIY Footstool Makeover

25 Aug

A perfect afternoon DIY-project is giving a makeover to a vintage footstool. My $5 footstool was a thrift-store find that went from shabby-kitsch to Provincial chic. Here’s how I did it. Continue reading

A Fashionista’s Perfect DIY Garment Rack

18 Aug

I love my vintage clothes and I simply can’t part with such one-of-a-kind pieces. Naturally, I did what any fashionista would do when the wardrobe has outgrown the closet: I built my own closeting solution! Continue reading

Grill Summer BBQ in Vintage Style

17 Jul

Men, it’s time to fire up the grill in style! Here’s 10 fabulous vintage aprons just for you! Continue reading