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How To Be an Earth Friendly Fashionista: 5 Tips

22 Apr

Robin Wallace gives 5 Tips on How To be an Earth-Friendly Fashionista for Earth Day 2011. It’s a day to consider ways for reducing our toxic footprint on this planet! Continue reading


Today’s Dapper Lad Dons Vintage Styles

8 Feb

{Today’s Dapper Lad Dons Vintage Styles} May I introduce you to the next Mr. GQ … Continue reading

Every Working Mother’s Quintessential Dress

2 Feb

{Every Working Mother’s Quintessential Dress} Running from sun-up to sun-down and burning the midnight oil in between, it’s the experience every working mother has … Continue reading

The Nate Berkus Show Welcomes ‘Thrifty Vintage Chic’

27 Jan

… onto the show TODAY, as an expert guest for a “Bargain Buy Challenge” … and your behind-the-scenes look is here! Continue reading