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5 DIY-Fashion Makeover Ideas for National Clean Out Your Closet Week

10 Mar

Before doing your Spring Cleaning, consider these DIY-projects. Continue reading


Fashionable for Hilary Swank

5 Feb

Media SepiaThe Meeting & Interviewing Hilary Swank Outfit … As promised so long ago, here are the details to this amazing encounter which happened in October 2009. (And as to why the gross delay? Well, more to come on that shortly, but it is no less than a tale of life’s unpredictable challenges!)

Every girl has this challenge at least once in a while — an event where you have to dress to impress, but where there’s a tenuous line between being overdressed and too casually trendy. This was my such moment. Seriously, how do you dress to meet a two-time Academy Award-winning actress?
Knowing that I was going to be among a fray of journalist scrambling to get my questions answered and that rapport had to built in a nano-second, the pressure was definitely on! Continue reading