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My 1950s Vintage Prom Night

1 Sep

Want to go “Back to the Future”? Or experience prom, circa. 1955? Then, here’s your chance … Continue reading


How-to Wear Bold Colors & Velour in the Summer

9 Aug

A cheerful color makes me happy, but what makes me even happier are several bright colors together painting a perfectly elegant and strong picture of feminine style. Here’s my paint-by-numbers guide! Continue reading

Meet Mariel: ‘Converted’ Vintage Apron Girl

23 Jul

Thanks to the intersection of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and this site, I have virtually met a lot of fascinating people with big hearts and shared passions. Mariel is one such beautiful person. Continue reading

Meet Anne: The ‘Mommy Actress Next Door’ Apron Girl

21 Jul

Anne is my neighbor … and a fellow ginger, but also the source of inspiration behind this series on vintage aprons. Here’s why! Continue reading