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Boardwalk Empire: A 1930s Fashion Guide

4 Oct

When that twang of blues chords slides into the rocking bass beats, my heart races every single time. The saturated spindling clouds, the steely, relentless rolling waves and the crunch of salt-saturated sand …boardwalk-empire-no-one-goes-quietly-bullets-poster-11-x-17_500

It’s everything I ever felt growing up on the shores of the East Coast and it’s set against everything my old soul wishes it had been apart of as Nucky Thompson lumbers back to the boardwalk of Atlantic City. It’s year 1931, a turning point in history, and the series finale of Boardwalk Empire.

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Wool: Summer’s Vintage Fashion Statement

26 Jul

Michael Phelps has space-age materials to go splish-splashing in, but vintage enthusiasts Heidi & Joe model the predecessors to the Speedo LZR fast suit.

The materials? Organic & all-natural, you know, kind of like the sheep which grew the wool. Yes, wool in summerhow’s that for being a slave to fashion? Continue reading

A Scrapbook of American Life & Vintage Aprons

13 Jul

Like home-made apple pies and summer baseball games, the apron goes hand-in-hand with the nostalgia of Americana. Here’s what I learned in my search for these vintage treasures. Continue reading

Fashion Treasure in New York’s Golden Anniversary

22 May

I’m a history lover and an aesthete, so when I came across an official Golden Anniversary Jubilee book, I found myself in heaven. Continue reading