Style for Him

Don’t be Daft! Master your style, but book now, or miss out on these Style Specials! Spots are limited.

Photo by JR Delia for MR Magazine, Styling by John Jones & Robin Wallace

{The Professional}

You’re way past Abercrombie, and Brooks Brothers seems frighteningly like the Stepford Wives. You’re a T-shirt & sneakers guy who’s been told that to be a grown-up success, you have to be a suit & tie guy. So what do you do?

Get gravitas. Get swag. And, never leave the comfort of your home. I will come right to you & sort out your closet so you’re left putting your best foot forward in every situation. From closing that deal, to getting that second date, to going out for with your crew, you will be the man who sets the tone for how things are going to go — all because of your style which exudes world class confidence and panache.

For the Fall Style Special, you’ll get:

  • 5 outfits styled anew from your existing wardrobe.
  • Outlined recommendations of your ideal look.
  • Shopping list of style details and wardrobe staples.
  • An initial closet audit of what to keep & what to donate.

$99 (regularly $300)
click here to BOOK NOW!

{The Executive}

The suit & tie: It’s your uniform, but while your presence commands the room, your trusty uniform feels a little routine. It’s time to step up your game. Allow me to enter your armoire and create new combinations of suits, waistcoats, ties and pocket squares. You’ll be amazed at the new life breathed into your everyday style. And, since you’re too busy to be bothered with the details, just set your budget and I’ll do the legwork of picking up any of the style details needed to complete your power-suit wardrobe.

For the Style Special, you’ll get:

  • A minimum of 7 suit combinations styled anew from your wardrobe.
  • Outlined recommendations of your ideal look.
  • Shopping list of style details and wardrobe staples.
  • An initial closet audit of what to keep & what to donate.


  • A private Flickr Album of your new combinations for quick reference.
  • A complimentary personal shopping service*.

$349 (regularly $700)
click here to BOOK NOW!

*Service valid for up to $500 of purchased goods. For orders more than $500, add 20% gratuity fee.

{The Benefits}

1. Feel comfortable, powerful & confident in clothes you love!

2. No more ho-hum predictable outfits, or not knowing what to wear!

3. Learn what styles work for you & will make you more attractive & sexy!

{The Results}

“As a Bachelor, it’s always good to have a woman’s take on my fashion style and what the ladies will dig on me. Robin’s my Fashion Wing-Woman!

“I’m a man with my own sense of style and I also admittedly have a lot of clothes.  I didn’t want, or need someone to tell me to go out and just buy more clothes. Robin understood and mastered my style right away and just ran with it.

With passionate expertise, she went to work and re-invented my wardrobe and closets. I had about 13 (no, seriously!) new outfits just hanging in my closet that I didn’t even know I had because I didn’t have the vision. Robin’s got it.”



2 Responses to “Style for Him”

  1. 高級婦人時計 March 17, 2017 at 8:06 PM #

    いろいろ超人気ブランド コピー春夏新作が続々入荷します。


  2. グッチ 財布 激安 May 5, 2017 at 5:27 AM #

    サイズ調整をご 提供しております。


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