How to Super-Charge Your Power Suit: Here’s 2 Ways

power suit

In the melee of business as usual, the power suit seems ubiquitous, so how do you distinguish yourself? With details. Here’s two simple style tips every man can master.

You don’t need to be my best friend to know I am in love with details, and the effect of a man smartly dressed with details just makes my heart swoon. So Gents, take it from a style expert and a romantic, this is the playbook for making a killer first impression.

For the biggest impact, my favorite go-to’s are pocket squares & socks. A pocket square as a splash of color or bold print draws the eye upward, creating a taller & more impressive look. While socks with a coordinated bright color/print gives a stylish surprise just as effective as Agent 007.

Style Secret: Match your tie to one or more of the colors in the chosen pocket square, and that’ll give you the freedom to be bold & daring with mixing & matching prints or patterns.

If you’re wearing a power suit, then you better have on some “power socks”. Dressing up a suit has never been easier than with vibrant socks, which exude confidence and creativity. End result: Your status boosted, 10-fold.

 Style Tips for the Timid: Try this — Pair your navy suit with navy-and-blue polka dot socks for that subtle-yet-modern display of style.

Be seasonal: It’s a simple way to show that you aren’t stuck in a rut, reaching for the same options each day. In other words, it shows you’re relevant in a rapidly evolving marketplace, and a man who’s able to re-invent himself.

Tired of the basic solids and traditional argyle socks? From a suit to jeans, step up your look with any of these stylish sock options.