Fashion Trends

Seven Most Iconic Fashion Trends Ever

  1. Burberry Trenchcoat –

The Burberry Trenchcoat was an attire that was famously worn by British Officers during the World War One. The Trenchcoat was initially designed to offer protection to military officers against the terrible weather in the region. It was then called the Tielocken.  The D-shaped belt ring was used for the purpose of attaching any small items that could be used in the mission, for example; Maps. Owing to it’s comfortable and resourceful nature, it was later on manufactured to suit the requirements of the masses.

  1. YSL Smoking Jacket –

The year 1996 was the year in which the Smoking Tuxedo was launched into the markets, and this was a turning point in the fashion industry as it was one of the first attires to blur gender lines. This jacket could be worn by both men and women. It changed the perception of women wearing, and it made it socially acceptable for women to do so in public.


  1. DVF Wrap Dress –

This dress was the ultimate symbol of a woman’s fiery sexuality which was till the launch of this clothing a subject of taboo. Wearing this attire was considered sexually liberating as stated by one of the top fashion houses in the world, Vogue. This dress was simple, classic, versatile, comfortable, and also slimming.


  1. Fendi baguette bag –

The Fendi baguette bag initially shot to fame in the T.V series named “Sex and the City.” Soon after the instant hit of the show, the bag too rose to fame and went on to become one of the It-bags of the region. The bag went on to last a long time as one of the top brands.

  1. Levi’s 501 Jean –

Levi’s was and still is one of the most trusted denim fashion brands. The brand’s reputation shot to fame specifically after the release of their new jean “501”. What added to its popularity was the various celebrity endorsements and commercials that accompanied it. This jean made many style statements. The jeans give off the “Cool kid in town” vibe. It was almost a sign of rebellion if you sported a Levi’s 501.


  1. Red-Sole Louboutin shoes –

These shoes became an instant hit and remained forever in the memories of all those who adore fashion due to its unique red-sole. It became so popular that the red-sole had to be trademarked. So much so that till date no other fashion house has the permission to manufacture shoes whose soles are painted red.

  1. Little Black Dress –

The ever so famous Little Black Dress is not only a favorite but also a staple in most women’s wardrobes. The LBD was first designed by Gabrielle Chanel in the 1920’s.  This was a landmark dress in a period of social conservatism particularly pertaining to women. It was and still is a symbol of liberation and individualism of women. It symbolizes confidence, sexiness, and sophistication all at once.