DIY Spa Treatments: How To Pamper Yourself For Less

18 Mar

Hearing the word “pamper” might trigger dollar signs in your mind. Don’t fret because pampering yourself is easier, cheaper and healthier than ever. Here’s 3 DIY Spa treatments …

avocado mask

If you’re up for a little DIY and aren’t afraid of getting your hands a smidge dirty, we’ve compiled a few simple spa treatments you can whip up right in your own home. These quick recipes include ingredients that might even already be in your refrigerator, or can easily be found at your local grocery store for only a few dollars.

Set aside a few minutes and prepare yourself to be spoiled. And, remember using all-natural ingredients will only increase how fresh and rejuvenated you, as well as your skin will feel!

3*Note: Organic heavy cream is recommended.

Avocado is a commonly used ingredient in many spa treatments because of its hydrating qualities. Honey is a powerful antioxidant and heavy cream is a mild exfoliant. Combined, these ingredients will leave your skin feeling fresh and new.


Brown Sugar Photo Credit  Hands Photo Credit

Brown sugar and sea salt are great exfoliants and will ensure any dry, unwanted skin in removed from the body and washed away. The oil in the body scrub will act as the hydrating agent, nourishing the new skin underneath.


Peppermint will offer a soothing and refreshing sensation for your feet, while the coconut oil will add moisture and help to prevent dry skin. This treatment will also help to combat odor, leaving your feet feeling fresh and clean.

Indulge yourself like a queen with the peace of mind that you aren’t breaking the royal bank. With the ease of these recipes, plus the money you’ll save, these DIY Spa Treatments are guilt-free ways to truly reward yourself!

Let us know, in the comments below, how your DIY Spa Treatment turns out!

Michelle Pino has shared these recipes based on recipes used at Skana, an upscale spa in central NY where she works. Skana is “constantly coming up with new ways for men and women alike to be pampered using natural ingredients”. Michelle enjoys sharing these ideas in hopes to inspire others.

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