5 Style Tips Before Prom Dress Shopping

13 Mar

Prom is a once in a lifetime experience, so you’ll no doubt want everything to be perfect — the shoes, the makeup, and most importantly, the dress. But what makes a perfect prom dress?


Before you run to the nearest department store, set on picking up the most eye-catching, on-trend dress you can find, it’s important to take a couple of things into consideration. Here’s a list we’ve compiled of a few crucial points to ponder before deeming a dress “the one.”

Just Breathe: You’ve squeezed into the most stunning form-fitting dress and you look and feel fabulous, that is, as long as you don’t bend over, move too much, or breathe… No matter how lovely the dress is, remember that no one looks good while wincing in discomfort. When deciding on a dress, always make sure to factor in comfort.

Prom Dress

Photos via Dress Passion

Dress for Your Body Type: Picture five body types–Slender, Hourglass, Pear-Shaped, Petite, and Busty–and consider which one applies to you. A full or floor-length dress is well suited for a tall and slender body type, but petite figures may want to consider something shorter or asymmetrical to prevent getting lost in the dress. For pear-shaped figures, consider a-line skirts, and a busty figure will want to make sure and choose a dress with enough support up top, which may mean passing over strapless options.


Photos via anicedress.com

Consider the Dance Effect: Even the most comfortable, seemingly sensible dress may not survive a night’s worth of dancing, so it’s important to test out how your dress is affected by movement. A strapless dress may work for some, while others may be doomed to a night of endless adjusting. Two major things to consider and test out: is the bodice secure enough that it won’t wriggle down over time, and does the fabric have enough give so as to avoid any ripping or tearing.


Photo via Xiaolizi

Know the Trends: While it’s certainly not mandatory to subscribe to a current trend, an awareness of what’s in style this year helps to provide a good place to start when beginning the dress search. Some of the top trends this year include sequins, sweetheart necklines, brights and ombre colors, and high slits.

Prom Dresses 1

Photos via Unique Vintage

Stand Out, Don’t Blend In: When searching for a dress you may want to consider a thrift store or boutique, as opposed to a popular chain store. Straying away from chain stores will significantly lessen the chance of another person choosing the same dress as you.

Photo via Dalena Vintage

We want to know: What did you  wear to your prom? If you have any pictures of your thrifty vintage prom look from last year, send them in!


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  1. Glenn Alan Weber March 13, 2013 at 5:19 AM #


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    Thank you.



    • Thrifty Vintage Chic March 13, 2013 at 6:34 AM #

      Glenn, if you have received a notice via email regarding this blog post, it is because you subscribed to the blog. I actually don’t have a database of people who opt for an RSS feed from the site. So I am not sure how to direct you to be removed …

      I will see if there are any settings that I don’t know about which might help you out.



  2. Jennifer Bett March 20, 2013 at 4:00 AM #

    Prom Dresses are the most eye catching dresses. They are suitable for any occasion and look stunning. You will look just of the world with these dresses.


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