What Are Vintage Sweetheart Pillows?

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day! For those Sweeties who are separated by miles and time, this post is for you. So let’s take a look at why, and exactly what are vintage Sweetheart Pillows …

SweetheartPillow-Magazine Type Image

Sometimes discovered by very lucky thrift shoppers and yard-sale enthusiasts, the Sweetheart Pillow is a highly collectible bit of military memorabilia. Perhaps, according to today’s standard of design, the pillows might be labeled as “kitsch” but for the those young men who sent these back home during wartime, it was a parting gift to be remembered by.

“I would say sweetheart and mother pillows are a general term for a whole genre of collectible military pillows. They were bought at military bases in World War I — they’d be sent home by soldiers, sailors, or marines. Many pillow covers were never used, and you’ll find them still folded as they were stored in drawers when they were first received,” said author Patricia Cummings, Sweetheart and Mother Pillows 1917-1945.

CampHoodTexas-Sweetheart Pillow sweetheart-pillow-146 ArmyAirForces-SweetheartPillow USNavy-SweetheartPillow Marines-Sweetheart Pillow

Sweetheart Pillow Poetry

If want to make your very own vintage-inspired DIY Sweetheart Plate, but your romantic muse needs a little prompting, here are a sampling of poems straight from original 1940s Sweetheart Pillows. (Authors Unknown)

Love reckons hours for months,
and days for years:
and every little absence is an age.

To My Wife
A darling little wife–
Has made my dreams come true
She blesses all my life,
Her name is only “You”
You are my partner sweet,
You share in all I do,
And make my joy complete
By simply being You!

Mother and Dad
To both of you, dear Mother and Dad
This brings a double measure
Of sincere wishes for a life that’s filled
With all that gives you pleasure
It also brings the loving thought
That the joys you’ve always given
Have made the world for those you love
A better place to live in.

I miss your smile
your eyes that shine
I love only you
Sweetheart of mine

Of all the girls
I ever knew
There never was
one like you.
You’re the dearest
Pal I ever knew.

To My Sister:
Nice to chat with
Good to know
Glad to have her
where I go:
Kind in trouble.
Bright in joy.
Suits exactly-
Can’t say why:
Sweet and wholesome,
Always true:
That’s my sister.
Yes, that’s you!


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