A Holiday Look Kate Middleton Would Wear

22 Nov

Officially, the holiday season is in full swing with parties, galas, dinners and gatherings filling up your dance card faster than sugar plum fairies pirouetting in your dreams. Yet, what to wear can quickly turn into a “nightmare before Christmas” …

You want to look sexy, but not trashy. You want to look regal, but not overdressed. You want to look festive, but not like Santa’s helper. What’s a girl to do? To give us some pointers, I created this look, channeling Kate Middleton, the queen of fashion-forward class.

Go Vintage, or Vintage-Inspired: It’s the best way to find a holiday dress that will be a smashing success on every level. Not only will the design have you stand out as original, the very lines of vintage designs are nothing but feminine beauty glorified with a massive flourish of classy sexiness.

This 1950s emerald green brocade cocktail dress has a drop waist, tulip peplum and pencil skirt. This accents the waist creates a nice hour-glass line, while the peplum hides any dreaded trouble-spots trough the hip, thighs and Kim Kardashian booty. (Note: This specific dress style is best for boyish & hour-glass figures, and it is NOT for pear shapes.)

Match Your Details: Being “matchy-matchy” is boring, so to mix it up. I pulled accessories from various designers, yet each piece matches one another. Here’s why it works: For the jewelry, I made sure all the gold metal details were the same tone — clashing golds is a no-no in such a clean look.

Then, I picked a ring with a beveled style to carry the beveled theme down from the earrings. In the same black-and-gold tones, the flat-bow bracelet cuff was a fun surprise detail, anchored by the flat bow patent leather heels.

Add Texture. The richness of a look comes from the type of textures you wear. What takes this look a step up the “stylista’s food chain” is the addition of the black clutch with a brocade texture, carried next to the damask dress. While the patterns don’t exactly match, it doesn’t matter. The damask dress and brocade clutch mirror each other as the fabrics both play off of shadow and light, giving depth to the ensemble. This simple mixed-and-mirrored pairing translates into a highly sophisticated look.

Create a Flourish. Your face is the first thing people look at when you walk in a room, and you can make your entrance quite grand by just adorning yourself with a hat, fascinator, or even a Billy Holiday-like flower. By doing so, and carrying yourself with the confidence, as well as grace of a royal, your first impression will be lasting.

What do you think of this “Kate Middleton” look? Has it inspired you to embrace your inner princess & step out in royal style?

A Holiday Look Kate Would Wear featuring bcbg max azria
(Click thumbnails for details & pricing, via Polyvore

2 Responses to “A Holiday Look Kate Middleton Would Wear”

  1. Laurie McKay December 5, 2012 at 1:07 PM #

    I usually go straight to “Stop Staring” dresses when I need a cocktail or holiday party dress. They are classy, not trashy at all. But you do need Spanx or a girdle for sure! And that reminds me, I need to get gel insoles for my heels. I can’t dance all night without them! Thanks for the tips on the accessories, Robin– I’m going to have to get my jewelry out to go through it all!


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