@RookieUSA: A Sporty Style for Lil’ Jocks

27 Aug

For months, I’ve been hearing the buzz about Rookie USA being the next big thing in children’s retail apparel. Even heavy weight A-list celebrity athletes like Carmelo Anthony are on board with the launch of this new brand. So when the store finally opened last week, it was an absolute blast to be among the first of its customers.


Earlier this summer, I was invited to join an exclusive group of bloggers for a behind-the-scenes tour when the store was yet under construction.





Now, seeing the space stocked to the hilt with its promised dazzling wares, I was impressed to find the buzz was accurate.

Since I wasn’t sure what exactly the store was going to have, or what my son would need or want from the selection, I made a list of the possible items his wardrobe could make use of on a regularly basis.

SHOPPING TIP: A good way to avoid being overwhelmed by numerous choices in a big store is to have at least a basic idea of what would work for you (or even your child’s closet). That way when either you are crunched for time, or stressed by the amount of options, you will have a clear game plan for making strong choices.

While the store was packed with athletic apparel from infants to boys and girls up to size 16, I did find that not all of the styles were fully stocked for every size.

But, it didn’t bother me that much as it was the second day Rookie USA was open. So when my first choice of wind pants wasn’t available in my son’s size, thanks to my handy-dandy list, I was able to shift gears in finding other options to fit our wardrobe void.

But admittedly, I was a little disappointed that Rookie USA didn’t have much of a selection for NFL jerseys — just the local teams, naturally, the NY Giants & Jets (and we’re Eagles fans) — and there wasn’t any sign of soccer jerseys. Maybe in the future?

With my son being into skateboarding, it was thrilling to see so many options for that alternative sport style — and there’s nothing better for a little grom than Converse.

RookieUSA, Converse, Chuck Taylor, CBias

Seriously, there are walls and walls of Converse kicks at Rookie USA … every color, every design, every height and every type of lace. But don’t take my word for it, check it out:


Converse, Chuck Taylors, #CBias, #RookieUSA

Polka dots, how cute are these Chuck Taylors?

Chuck Taylors, Converse, #RookieUSA, #CBias

Check out those laces!! And, that boot style — crazy cool for a new generation of Converse fans.

Converse, #CBias, #RookieUSA

I love those kicks, but that waffle iron wall is a killer detail that brings lots of fun & another texture of style to the store!


Chuck Taylors, Converse, #CBias, RookieUSA

Finally, Converse sneakers made easy for quick on’s & off’s! I LOVE this!!

Converse, CBias, RookieUSA

A soft leather’esque boot-sneaker by Converse? I am in love!

Aside from a ton of kicks with some real personality & style, Rookie USA had lots of premium sports wear, including Nike Dri-Fit shirts, shorts and pants. As an athlete and a stylist, what put my heart on cloud nine was seeing the combination of so much great sports apparel along side of some great styles — and even great style for boys!

Levi's, RookieUSA, CBias, Seersucker, Denim ticking, Boys' hats, newsboy cap

This denim ticking newsboy cap had me at hello!

Levi's, RookieUSA, #CBias

How cool is this retro pop art Levi’s graphic T-shirt? A perfect cotton T- for being comfy & hip!

Levi's, RookieUSA, #CBias

Boy’s denim & pants in more than the 3 basics: brown, black & blue? A-Mazing!

Levi's, RookieUSA, #CBias, Boys Style, Kids Fashion

I love, love, love these two pants: First, the rusty red is super trendy, and then, the grey herring bone print??!!! Be still my beating heart! That is just too cool for school!

Aside from cool clothes, tons of great sneakers and top-notch athletic apparel that previously was only offered in adult sizes, RookieUSA sets a precedent in its store’s fixtures, such as this “shoe chandelier”.


And, it’s slated to be a massively interactive store with a “baseball card” kiosk that gives the kids their own custom RookieUSA trading card complete with their photo. Plus, a state-of-the-art “hologram”, aka tensator, with NY Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony showing off some of his trademark skills. While these features are yet to be fully installed, the interactive video game was up and running, much to the delight of patient male shoppers.


So after a massive feast for the eyes and my aesthetic style senses, I finally decided on a coordinated grey, black and red Converse outfit for Reagan. Right now, he is spending the last of his summer days on the family farm, and although the salesman was really helpful in advising me on the right size for my 4’5″ tall 8-year-old, it seems that the shirt and pants are a little too big.

Boys Converse T-shirt, Boys Converse pants, #CBias, #RookieUSA

I mailed this set to my son, and I heard back from him (and my parents) that the medium Converse T-shirt and mesh pants are too big for him. It’s a good thing that #RookieUSA has a 30-day exchange & return policy!

So, it looks like we will be heading back to #RookieUSA for another shopping experience — a duds exchange. Maybe then all the bells and whistles will be installed, and Reagan will get to have a super fun time trying them out, in between trying on clothes in the dressing room!

You can stop by RookieUSA’s flagship store if you are local or visiting New York, at: 808 Columbus Ave., between 98th & 99th Streets. Also, be sure to check them out online: www.RookieUSA.com (visit & get a $20 gift card!), or follow & like, respectively, via Twitter and Facebook.

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Rookie USA. #CBias #SocialFabric. As always, my opinions and editorial focus is my own.


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