Road Trips & Shopping Pit Stops

19 Aug

My Dad jokes my son was born in a car seat because of how much we travel up and down the Eastern seaboard. Although an exaggeration, it’s not to far from the truth — when considering the time we spend going on little adventures in the great outdoors, to events where we step back in time, and then the get-aways to relax in the love of family — definitely, we are on the go!


My son’s portrait of me from his view in the back seat of our car!

Inevitably, many meals and snack times are spent being mobile so we don’t often leave the house without our rations bag fully stocked for our journey of fun. Usually, it includes: cereal bar, banana, juice box & fruit cup.

And, it makes me ever so happy to just open up the ‘fridge to grab what we need, already to go — no finding Tupperware lids, just grab the fruit cup and we are off to the races, or so to speak!


Well, this road trip we ended up having to grab supplies on the run … so what better place to get random bits of everything — mascara, underwear, a shirt, gum, a birthday present and snacks — than at Walmart?

Walmart sign

Thanks to massive overhead signs, even the newly re-branded Walmart stores are easy to navigate and locate the right sections for picking up the things which escaped our packing list!

Walmart Grocery Aisle

Doing a quick blitz of the super center starts to slow down as we reach one of our destination aisles. With all the options, seconds tick away into minutes, as we stand discussing which kind of Del Monte fruit cup we wanted: Mixed Fruit, Diced Peaches in Cinnamon & Brown Sugar … (There are even more choices available, here, too: )

Del Monte Fruit Cups

Now, here are some healthy #Snacks4WimpyKid!

ImageFinally, we settle on trying something new for us: Mixed Fruit in Cherry Syrup. And, with our modest order ready to purchase, we head to the check out, which is when we hit a wall of people.

ImageOur 20-minutes of shopping was doubled by another 20 minutes of waiting in line — even though we were in the “20 items or less” queue. Talk about frustrating! To me, it’s the ultimate failure in customer service when stores make no effort to accommodate high volumes of people waiting to purchase their goods.

It’s like saying, “We don’t care! So what if you took the time to come to our store and make several purchase decisions between our products, if you want our stuff, then you are going to have to wait!”

ugh … but, I digress.


The queue for our “20 items or less” register.

Aside from waiting in line, our quick stop at Walmart was successful and we continued down the road, heading west — wait for it — yes, it was into the sunset. As cliche as it is, we did head west into the sunset and our trip was more epic than the wildest classic Westerns John Wayne ever produced, all because we filled the miles with deep conversation.

OK, not deep like discussing the meaning of life, but deep between an 8-year-old and his mother in sharing little insights of what’s important for him (seeing his cousin Lillian), and things we are looking forward to (starting 3rd Grade), and ideas of things we can do together (going to the movies).

Going to the movies, yes, that is high on the conversation list ever since we saw the trailers online for “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days”. The interest of the movie ranges from how funny it is, and relating to it as a young boy who also is figuring out how to navigate his young life and school, to then his interest in drawing and his wonderment of how the artist (and author Jeff Kinney) can make such cartoons.


There’s Me (the mama), Reagan (the artist), and Nala (the pet cat).

In real life, though, this is what we look like:


So as one of our road trip activities (I highly suggest “drawing” as a great car activity for your family’s summer travels), Reagan decided to draw his family: me, him and our cat, Nala. He was excited to do something new to pass the 4 hours of driving, and he was also excited to learn that if he did a really good job, we could enter his drawing in “the contest”.

When we watched the online trailers to the movie (which is in theaters now), we saw a “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” drawing contest sponsored by Del Monte.


If you want to enter the contest like we did. just visit the #DOAWK Facebook page! Your family could win a hand-drawn sketch by author Jeff Kinney, Del Monte® Fruit Cup® snacks for a year, or two Hollywood Movie Money® Concession Certificates valid for up to $5.00 each. Plus, the first 50,000 people to enter will receive a coupon for $1 off any two (2) Del Monte Plastic Fruit Cup 4 Packs.

And to keep an eye on your snacks-on-the-go, follow Del Monte on Twitter!


This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and Del Monte Foods. Naturally, all opinions are my own.


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