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@RookieUSA: A Sporty Style for Lil’ Jocks

27 Aug

For months, I’ve been hearing the buzz about Rookie USA being the next big thing in children’s retail apparel. Even heavy weight A-list celebrity athletes like Carmelo Anthony are on board with the launch of this new brand. So when the store finally opened last week, it was an absolute blast to be among the first of its customers. Continue reading


Road Trips & Shopping Pit Stops

19 Aug

My Dad jokes my son was born in a car seat because of how much we travel up and down the Eastern seaboard. Although an exaggeration, it’s not to far from the truth — when considering the time we spend going on little adventures in the great outdoors, to events where we step back in time, and then the get-aways to relax in the love of family — definitely, we are on the go! Continue reading