The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

9 May

With barely four days before one of the biggest holidays of the year, do you have a gift for Mother Dearest? Short on time? Can barely spare a dime? Here’s a gift that’s thrifty & chic!

{The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift}

Not having a gift for the woman who gave you the gift of life certainly doesn’t reflect your waning love of Mom.

I know, you’re busy … I can relate: single mom, entrepreneur, stylist, blogger. So between homework, little league games & practices, client meetings, proposals, and not to mention laundry, dishes and groceries … where is the spare time to go gift shopping?

While I’ve been uber-tempted to resort to a gift card at the grocery market check-out, the result is so impersonal and leaves little to the imagination. So you have no idea how thrilled I was to learn from my business partner Amy (of FatGirlsCanRun), about a new fashion company: Gwynnie Bee.

OK, first as a stylist and entrepreneur junkie, I  ♥♥♥ this company! Because Gwynnie Bee is out to change the way women experience fashion.

As a stylist, I know many women’s sizes fluctuate or their fashion needs shift from season to season, both of which can create a glut of wardrobe regrets. But Gwynnie Bee provides a subscription model for clothing so that your closet always matches your fashion needs right now. That’s genius!

But as a daughter, considering the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Gwynnie Bee is perfect. Here’s why:

1) As we just discussed the typical life of a mother is as BUSY as a BEE! Mall browsing, dressing rooms & check-out lines — where’s the Excedrin? So gifting Mom a Gwynnie Bee subscription, opening the mail is the only step Mom will have to take.

A gift that doesn’t require “errand-like” hassle, now that’s a good thing!

2) By now, you know Moms never really do special things for themselves … so this is the perfect chance to treat your mom to an ENDLESS shopping spree. (And, if she wants to continue her subscription, it’s set to one guilt-free set price!) That’s simply thrifty!

3) The bonus is that you can stock your mom’s closet full of cool, stylish clothes from upscale designers to give your mom a total style makeover. Makes for a chic gift, indeed!

For the perfect gift that’ll keep giving, click here for the details. And, here’s a sneak peak of the Gwynnie Bee headquarters when I got an exclusive look at the collection!

If you’re wondering why I am so gung-ho on Gwynnie Bee — it’s not for profit, products or gain — it’s because when I find things that are really cool and companies that are doing it “right”, I can’t help but get on my soap box! (Just ask any of my sisters or friends how I’ve raved for hours about Trader’s Joes, Duane Reade, Chick-fil-a, or Briggs & Riley!)

Gwynnie Bee really is all about empowering woman — owned and staffed by women — it’s “the little engine that could” for making sure the conversation women sizes 10 & up have about their bodies, self-expression and confidence is transformed into seeing themselves as fashion-forward beauties!

AND, Gwynnie Bee makes donations of it’s collections to Domestic Violence Shelters & vocational clothing charities.

So thank you for letting me share my excitement about this start-up brand! Maybe in a year’s time, we will all say, “I remember when Gwynnie Bee was only by exclusive invite!”



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