Will ‘Crazy Fat Girl’ Ruin Your Valentine’s Day?

10 Feb

Get the “crazy Fat Girl” out of your dating life, step into a killer outfit & give your online dating profile a facelift! Here’s how …

“To love yourself right now, just as you are, is to give yourself heaven. Don’t wait until you die. If you wait, you die now. If you love, you live now.”


This blog has been notably dormant over the past couple months and what has kept this fashionista on the move are a couple of stellar opportunities.

The first that I can speak of publicly is partnering with Amy Nowacoski to create a new company, Ginger Snap Works. Together we are working to build social media relationships and create new business development opportunities for personal brands and large companies.

However, we have realized that our brand strength as Ginger Snap Works does in fact come from our individual brands of Thrifty Vintage Chic and Fat Girls Can Run. So in our first cross-brand collaboration, we are proud to offer a special just for Valentine’s Day:

Get the “Crazy Fat Girl” {living in your head} OUT of your love life!

It might be a whole story that goes something like “fat girls can’t date”. The crazy girl that lives in your head is totally messing with your dating life and is keeping you from the juicy, delicious relationship of your dreams.

  • Sort your “crazy girl” out in a 30-minute phone call, so your inner Fab Girl can come out & play. 30-minute power call = $25 (Cupid’s 50% off sale, regularly $50)

Get IN the outfit that will sweep HIM off his feet!

It’s not a question of “what not to wear” or “do I look fat in these jeans”. Have a New York stylist virtually walk through your closet to organize the details and design the look that’ll make a scene for your Valentine’s Date or Girls Night Out.

  • In 30-minutes, you’ll get a perfect outfit, and also tips on the ideal colors for your complexion & tricks on how to make all your curves & assets scream “red carpet” star! 30-minute Skype Consultation = $25 (Cupid’s 50% off sale, regularly $50)

Give a Facelift to your online Dating Profile!

Online dating profiles are very much like window shopping. It’s marketing in it’s purest form. Have your profile revamped by Ginger Snap Works – a powerhouse social media marketing team – that’ll have you attracting the exact partner you want to have sweep you off your feet.

  • You’ll get a newly revamped profiled, in 30 minutes, using simple marketing techniques to speak directly to your target audience (Mr. McDreamy) with an effective call-to-action for the dating life of your dreams! 30-minute Writing Session = $50 (Cupid’s 50% off sale, regularly $100)

The Valentine’s Triple Love Fest

  • Get the crazy Fat Girl out of your dating life
  • Step into a killer outfit
  • Have your online profile work for you!
    All 3 for just $75! (a savings of $125)

Spots are limited … Don’t let Cupid pass you by!  RSVP to rwallace@thriftyvintagechic.com

Happy Valentine’s Day from your Cupid Mistresses,

Robin Wallace & Amy Nowacoski
(Thrifty Vintage Chic & Fat Girls Can Run & Ginger Snap Works)


3 Responses to “Will ‘Crazy Fat Girl’ Ruin Your Valentine’s Day?”

  1. Diana February 10, 2012 at 11:30 AM #

    Thank you both! This is such a fabulous idea! Smart and seriously ‘of service’ to women everywhere. Thank you for enabling women to have better self images, love themselves as they surely love and give to others.

    Happy Valentines Day to all you beautiful people.


  2. Dawn February 11, 2012 at 6:57 AM #

    Happy Valentine’s Day to Robin’s bright and savvy and BEAUTIFUL fans and Robin and Amy, too.

    Robin, Congrats to you and Amy and on the opening of your fabulous business and BEST WISHES! What a terrific line of work…helping make us our BEST BEAUTIFUL ever! Now, got get ’em, tigers!

    xoxoxo, Dawn, Your #1Fan


  3. snazzypants72 February 15, 2012 at 12:37 PM #

    Trust me, these ladies know what they’re talking about. Get results insanely fast.
    Movers, Shakers…..Life Improvement Makers!


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