Archive | September, 2011

Sexy Strike-Zone Style: Softball in Central Park

30 Sep

Ever wonder what a softball girl wears before sliding into third base? Well, allow me to model my pre-game attire. Continue reading


Here’s Looking at You, Kid!

27 Sep

An old soul forging a young and beautifully vibrant life moved onto her next big adventure this weekend as Diane Naegel died on Sunday morning. The news turned my stomach and ignited my spirit of Carpe Diem. Continue reading

Be an Original: Wear Vintage with a Sexy Modern Edge

15 Sep

This my most gay outfit, ever — as in my most happy and bright look. Here’s why. Continue reading

5 Household Items to Give Your Plants a Designer Edge

12 Sep

From utilitarian to chic, here’s 5 ways to recycle ordinary household items for an updated look that melds potters and home decor! Continue reading