How-to Wear Bold Colors & Velour in the Summer

9 Aug

A cheerful color makes me happy, but what makes me even happier are several bright colors together painting a perfectly elegant and strong picture of feminine style. Here’s my paint-by-numbers guide!

{How-to Wear Bold Colors & Velour in the Summer}

The dramatic power of the velour beret and barrel curls make this look scream “vintage”!

Yet, the only vintage items in this look include the beaded necklaces and the velour beret. Of course, the barrel curls are a vintage style, too! But everything else is modern and bought in a thrifty fashion!

Skirt - detail

My favorite item in this whole look is the silk wrap skirt. It was bought for me as a Mother’s Day gift from my son, who was 4-years-old then.

He used $10 from his birthday money and picked out the exact skirt he wanted me to have.

Naturally, wearing this skirt always means so much to me … and always leaves me amazed: 1) that he has such a stylish eye; 2) that he knows me so perfectly well; 3) that I always receive a ton of compliments on this skirt (validating points 1 & 2)!

How Much for “How-to Wear
Bold Colors & Velour”?

$2.50 Vintage Beads & Bracelets (charity thrift store)
$2.50 Vintage Velour Beret (Salvation Army)
$10 Mossimo Gladiator Sandals (clearance sale, Target)
$10 Silk Wrap Skirt (Manhattan street bazaar)

hat - berret profile

Hat - barrel curls profile

Details - ruffles, necklace

Full body

What’s the Take-Away?

Fortune favors the bold!

Whenever I wear a beret or a beret-inspired hat, I always get “French” comments. But when I wore this outfit, the compliment was that I looked straight out of American in Paris, and here’s why:

“Vincente Minnelli was among the first Hollywood directors to show that a profound love of color, motion and music might produce intelligent entertainment …” on American In Paris

The secret about color is that it’s dramatic and adventurous when paired with other bold colors. And when a look conjures drama and adventure, the next inclination is romance.

Waist UP - brick awning

The rules on wearing multiple colors together is they have to be in the same tone or palette … so I wore a bold red and a bold blue together — the two colors create a strong look because they match each other’s strength in drama.

If I had worn a pale or dull red with the skirt and hat, then the effect would have been lost. Now, a bright yellow or a hot pink would match the same boldness of the blue … however, the velour hat would have to go.

The reason I got away with the velour hat in the summer was because the red silk blouse had a brushed texture which cast a slight shimmer and lushness which mirrors the sheen of the velour.

Even if a bright yellow or hot pink blouse was also brushed silk, the hat would still not work since the light reflected from those colors are much lighter than the tones cast from a bright red which match the depths of the bold blue.

In short, here’s the rule when going with multiple colors:

1. Match Brights with Brights.
2. Wear Pastels with Pastels.
3. Layer Shades of the Same Color.

For another style secret of mine, check out the video below — and please give it a YouTube thumbs up so other Vintage & Style lovers can join the Thrifty Vintage Chic fun, too!

Click the Vintage Movie Poster to see more American In Paris eBay merchandise.

{It is, after-all, the film responsible for Gene Kelly winning his only Oscar.}

PS ~ If you want to get my American In Paris style, comment below …
I am shopping right now to recreate the look so you can have some Parisian fun this summer, too!


3 Responses to “How-to Wear Bold Colors & Velour in the Summer”

  1. Anita August 9, 2011 at 9:47 PM #

    Hi lovely as always…where is this blouse from? On the hunt for one for me.


    • Thrifty Vintage Chic August 9, 2011 at 10:36 PM #

      Anita … it is from Arden B … I am putting together a curated collection of my top 10 red silk blouses because I got so many comments on this blouse when I wore it (and now yours!)!! What’s your size & budget? (maybe I’ll come across one specifically for you ….)


      • anita August 10, 2011 at 8:48 AM #

        Hi again I take a 14 and probably $30.00 unless you see something remarkable that is more. Also you have probably seen this already but I thought of you when I saw these adornments…although not vintage they are definitely vintage in their appeal. Probably some new inspiration in here for you


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