10 Delicious Stud Muffins to Heat Up Your Summer

3 Aug

If classic films like Dirty Dancing, Grease & Cat on a Hot Tin Roof taught us anything, it was that hot summer days can serendipitously lead to spicy fun. Are you feeling the heat & left yearning for a vintage beau? Then, feast your eyes on this buffet of throw-back boyfriends! 

{10 Delicious Stud Muffins to Heat Up Your Summer}

I got chills / They’re multiplyin’ / And I’m losing control / Cause the power you’re supplying / It’s electrifyin’.

Yes, like “Grease Lightening” these tender morsels of eye candy will inspire “sitting under an apple tree”, if I may reference another classic song by Glenn Miller. But in all seriousness … aw, shucks, who am I kidding … this is nothing but a frivolous post that’s chalk full of flirtatious fun.

Here are my top 10 Vintage Boyfriends (discovered thanks to eBay). If you find one that strikes your fancy, you better hurry and make him yours before he ends up framed on someone else’s bedside table!

1. Flyboys! My secret weakness!

2. Kansas City Gentleman
Kansas Portrait

3. Mr. California Joe Cool
Joe Cool

4. Ship Ahoy!
Ship Ahoy

5. How was there a Great Depression with this Rugged Manly Man around?
Rugged Manly Man

6. What is it about a Country Farm Boy?
Country Farm Boy

7. Which do you love more: His Style or His Smile?
Style or Smile

8. Jeepers, Creepers! Where’d you get those Peepers!
Jeepers Creepers

9. Mr. McDreamy
Mr. McDreamy

10. A Glint of Mischievousness
Mischievious Eyes

Haven’t had enough vintage boy fun?
Then check out these fellas …

Studly College Man
Four Smiling Studly Soldiers? What a dream!

Like a Walk in Pleasantville

Or stop on by the Facebook Group: My Vintage Boyfriend (which inspired this post) for more girlie swooning!

Please, do tell, which is your favorite
Delicious Stud Muffin from my Top 10 List?!?


3 Responses to “10 Delicious Stud Muffins to Heat Up Your Summer”

  1. Laurie August 4, 2011 at 6:47 AM #

    Delicious! Thanks Robin!


  2. Jessica Murray (@JessicaRMurray) August 15, 2011 at 5:51 PM #

    You had me at farm boy. Yum.


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