Life’s a Beach: A Scrapbook of Vintage Fun in Swimsuits

25 Jul

It’s a regular old vintage beach party … buff bodies, voluptuous curves, hunks & pin-ups, right along with families in the surf, sun & sand! You don’t want to miss this summer fun, or meeting my vintage Doppelganger!

1960s Bikini

Click to hit the beach in vintage style!

In this Thrifty Vintage Chic scrapbook, surprisingly, I found a lot of “normal” body shapes — dispelling the myth that the bodies of yesteryear were grossly more petite than today’s modern physique.

Spanning 50 years of history, this collection of vintage photos tell a story of Americans at play during the summer months.

From the candid to the cheeky, enjoy the similarities of life and soak up the evolution of swimsuit style.

And, for all you self-conscious ladies (this includes me!), take heart in seeing healthy thighs and round tummies! If these vintage bathing beauties could be proud of themselves just as they were, then shouldn’t we also?

1910 Antique Beach Trio

I just adore this family photo!
1920s Woman & Kids

The whole gang: ‘Bruce, Maribel, Marty, Chris’.
1928 Couple Friends

The child in the swimming cap looks to be either petrified or freezing, in my opinion.
1930s Family

Check out those suit styles & sun glasses!
1930s Plus Women on Beach

Here are some silly gal pals — all four of them!
1930s Friends

Movie Star Miss Sandra Rambeau
1935 Sandra Rambeau

Did this home-spun pin-up inspire
a  war plane’s nose art?
1940s PinUP

Barbie & Ken models?
1940s Dreamy COuple

Now, here are the “Cover Girls”
of the Greatest Generation!
1940s Cover Girls

Anyone else see the resemblance?
It’s my vintage Doppelganger!
1940s doppleganger

Aw, I want to be like this happy couple! Note, the emergence of the monokini style! And, who is hiding behind them?
1950s Couple in Water

Looks like she’s wearing a Rose Marie Reid!
What a real lucky ducky!
1950s Model at Pool

1950s bikini on deck

Synchrinized Swimmers
1950s Synchrinized Swimmers

What’s summer without a barbecue?
Note, the rotisserie, requiring our bikini gal to “power it” with a pump.
1960s BBQ

Real lady curves.
1960s Bikini Woman by Pool

Looks like a perfect lifestyle photo
for Ladies Home Journal.
1960s Women on Beach

These scrapbook photos are all courtesy of eBay sellers and, as of “press time” are available for your bidding/purchase pleasure.

Don’t miss checking out tomorrow’s post featuring some modern bathing beauties, Heidi & Joe, donning vintage beach attire! In the meantime, check out the previous Thrifty Vintage Chic swimsuit issue!

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