Meet Mariel: ‘Converted’ Vintage Apron Girl

23 Jul

Thanks to the intersection of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and this site, I have virtually met a lot of fascinating people with big hearts and shared passions. Mariel is one such beautiful person.

I just love diving into people’s closet to see what fabrics & colors create their wardrobe, but digging into a hope chest — that’s a vintage lover’s dream come true!
Now, this Thrifty Vintage Chic fan, Mariel, shows us what she found in her family’s hope chest!

Mariel in her accordian-style vintage apron.

Where did you find your vintage aprons?
In a hope chest in my apartment.

How much did you have to pay for them?

Why do you have a vintage apron collection?
I’m the 4th generation to live in this house, built by my Avô (pronounced Vuh-voo), my great-grandfather, for his family… therefore, we’ve acquired many vintage items! Most notably the hope chest, plus kitchen table which is a retro chrome table & red vinyl chairs!

Do you wear the aprons?
I do not. Maybe it’s because I’m  more of an apple shape, lacking a waistline to wear little skirted aprons. Also, they are all handmade, and some of the materials are NOT cotton (washable) like the patched sheer number.

Sheet & vinyl patch vintage apron.

When you wear a vintage apron, how does it make you feel?
When trying these on for the photos, I felt straight out of the 1940s and 1950s. In fact, I started making brownies afterwards on this warm July day!

In your opinion, why have aprons fallen out of fashion? Do you think it’s time for a comeback?
Perhaps all the “fast food” and boxed foods have evolved women’s kitchens so that you barely have time to tie the apron in the back, let alone cook your food. You’re a woman on the go!

Which is your favorite apron? Why?
The red, white & navy blue striped one. Patriotic AND nautical, how can you go wrong?  That would be the one I’d be most likely to wear, should I have a Betty Crocker kind of baking day!

Mariel in her patriotic-inspired nautical vintage apron.

Any special features or details about your aprons that we should join you in gushing over?
Some are accordion fabric, and feels silky … the little pink and red heart aprons are reversible so I know a lot of detail went into making those.

The beautiful details of Mariel's accordian-style vintage apron.

Why is your vintage apron collection special to you?
They are all handmade and I know who they were worn by. I do still use her curtains and a kitchen towel, which I inherited. Also, in the photos, I’m wearing the aprons with another vintage item I found in the hope chest — a vintage home-made dress!

How do you store the aprons, in between wears?
Folded in the hope chest. Now, I feel bad …

In your opinion, why should every woman have a vintage apron?
If you’re lucky enough to have one that was handmade by an ancestor, it should probably be proudly displayed in the kitchen. For decoration and also for convenience, if it’s out, you’re more likely to wear it. Hopefully, now I will!

{Name} Mariel
{9-to-5} Music Teacher
{Age} 30
{Home} Providence, RI

PS~ Mariel also shared with us a couple photos of vintage hankies which were in her family’s hope chest — how darling are these?!

Remember, I want to hear from you or people you know who have retro- or vintage-inspired kitchens! Message me at: and we’ll talk turkey!


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