Meet Anne: The ‘Mommy Actress Next Door’ Apron Girl

21 Jul

Anne is my neighbor … and a fellow ginger, but also the source of inspiration behind this series on vintage aprons. Here’s why!

{Meet Anne: The ‘Mommy Actress Next Door’ Apron Girl}

Stuffed full of colors, prints and frills, Anne’s literally had a party in her bag!

As for me, I showed up at my son’s first grade last day of school ice cream party — just happy to be walking because I had just completed Day 4 of the Navy SEAL PT course {read: my idea of fundraising}.

But Anne quickly had all of us first grade moms ready for the controlled chaos that was about to ensue. We were like an Army ready to face come what may — but we were cheery, loving and easily identified as “in charge” (an important distinction with dozens of 6-year-olds pumped full of sugar in an open gym.

The presence of aprons made me wonder, how many other women regularly wear aprons and why? And, that was all it took to have my curiosity cook up this series. Now, the woman behind this inspiration is here to tell her story about the love affair she has with vintage aprons …


Where did you find your vintage aprons?
Well, in my case I didn’t have to go very far. Both paternal and maternal grandmothers were extremely fashionable ladies. I inherited mine from both of them. As they got older, they’d gift them to me.

And, in the case of my paternal grandmother, when she passed away from Alzheimer’s disease, I was fortunate enough to inherit her collection. It is more precious to me than any of her valuables. Because they cooked for their families while wearing them.

They sweated and toiled in them. Laughed, and probably sometimes fought with their husbands in them. In other words, they LIVED in them.

Why do you have a vintage apron collection?
I’ve always loved aprons. Not just how they look, or how they instantly spruce up any outfit but because of what they represent. When my grandma was wearing an apron, it signaled to us that something was HAPPENING.

It lent gravitas to the occasion. I was taught that a person pays respect to an occasion by the way that they dress. And aprons, for me, are a part of that.

Do you wear the aprons?
I don’t wear them every day, but I do wear them quite often. Usually if I’m baking I will put one on, and long before the batter is in the bowl or the warm smell of cinnamon or chocolate is in the air, my family knows, something GOOD is coming!

I ALWAYS wear them when I am entertaining. I have one that is harmonious with almost and dress I might wear. I think it makes one’s guests feel nurtured when you answer the door in an apron.

And, there’s a casual elegance to it as well. It has a formal, INformality to it. It says, “Yes, I’m hard at work in the kitchen, but underneath I’m ready to entertain you!”

When you wear a vintage apron, how does it make you feel?
Well, I believe that the visuals in life are very important. Visual memories. Pictures in your mind when you look back.

Perhaps it’s idealistic or romantic, but I want the pictures in the back of my family’s minds to be pretty. And in my own as well. So wearing an apron makes me feel like I’m pushing the ‘record’ button on our mental video camera!

I always think of a quote from A Streetcar Named Desire. Blanche is explain to Stanley why she puts pretty scarves over all the lampshades …

“I don’t want REALISM, I want MAGIC. Yes, YES … MAGIC! I try to give that to people. And if that’s sinful, then let me be damned for it!”

(OK, she’s a famous crazy lady but still … Tennessee Williams has a point there!)

In your opinion, why have aprons fallen out of fashion? Do you think it’s time for a comeback?
I think there’s still a market for them. But I do believe that a lot of women might be embarrassed to wear them. Like they are making a show. Women are taught not to, after all. But you ARE the show in your family’s life. Dress the part!

Which is your favorite apron? Why?
I don’t have a favorite apron any more than I have a favorite season. I have my summer, fall, winter, spring aprons, and I happily take each one out in the appropriate season. It’s like getting down that box of holiday decorations once a year and rediscovering them!

Any special features or details about your aprons that we should join you in gushing over?
A couple of mine have some really neat features. Several of them are reversible which is a feature I REALLY love! It’s like TWO aprons in one! And yet another has built in pot holders! And still another has two ways one can wear it, either with the attached bib, or without!




Why is your vintage apron collection special to you?
It’s special to me for ALL the reasons listed above. But most of all it’s special to me because of the look of joy and anticipation on my son’s face when I appear from the kitchen in one!

How do you store the aprons, in between wears?
They have their own antique chest of drawers in my cedar closet! (see photo)

In your opinion, why should every woman have a vintage apron?
Because what we do in the home is so valuable, so meaningful, so important, it deserves full regalia!

Any suggestions on where others can find their own vintage apron?
Flea markets, yard sales, eBay … or even your grandma’s attic!

Any special laundering or care advice?
Hand wash these relics with loving care, and pass them on to future generations. They are totems of womanhood!

{Name} Anne Sayre
{9-to-5} Actor
{Home} Weehawken, NJ

PS~ Do you have a retro- or vintage-inspired kitchen like Anne’s? If so, then I’d love to feature you & your kitchen on Thrifty Vintage Chic for an upcoming series! Message me, now!
With vintage love,


3 Responses to “Meet Anne: The ‘Mommy Actress Next Door’ Apron Girl”

  1. StaceyMaisch July 21, 2011 at 5:07 PM #

    You captured Anne so well! I just reposted this on my blog, too. (Gotta brag about my sister whenever I can!) Thanks for sharing Anne this way with everyone!


    • Thrifty Vintage Chic July 22, 2011 at 11:28 AM #

      absolutely!! I totally understand … I have 3 younger sisters and an additional 5 step sisters, so there is lots of bragging to keep up with in my family!! And, it was my absolute pleasure to highlight the wonders of Anne here within this community!! (and, thanks for cross-posting this!! your site is a lot of fun, too!)



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