Vintage Ads: Men In Aprons

17 Jul

What does vintage, aprons and men all have in common? Advertisements — vintage adverts where men are featured wearing (usually) women’s aprons. From cheeky to Norman Rockwell-like these ads are priceless.

{Vintage Ads: Men In Aprons}

Advertisements speak volumes about a society, which naturally means that vintage adverts provide historical insight into that era.

From 1998 to 1971, these nine ads serve as little time capsules — highlighting fashion trends and new technologies, as well as shifting gender roles. So what do these often cheeky ads featuring men in aprons tell you?


1898 Apron Advert

{click to purchase}


1936 Apron Advert

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1940 Apron Advert

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1941 Apron Advert

{click to purchase}


1947 Apron Advert

{click to purchase}


1948 Apron Beer Advert

{click to purchase}


1948 Apron Advert

{click to purchase}


1951 Apron Advert

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1971 apron advert

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What’s the Take-Away?

Dishwashers in 1948 — I never knew!

Yes, I was shocked that the first ads for dishwashers began in the late 1940s. I am not really sure that I had a firm idea on when the dawn of automatic dish washing came about, but I was surprised it was in the ’40s.

Ah! But the things you can learn through scanning vintage ads! Aside from getting a crash course on the historical timeline on household appliances, vintage adverts are one of my favorite ways to decorate.

I have  Coca-Cola and  “Ma Bell” ads framed and adding a touch of vintage charm to my bathroom walls — not exactly men in aprons, but still quite fun!

Which “Men in Aprons” ad is your favorite? And, do you have vintage adverts decorating your home?

{Post photos of your vintage adverts here!}


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