Grill Summer BBQ in Vintage Style

17 Jul

Men, it’s time to fire up the grill in style! Here’s 10 fabulous vintage aprons just for you!

Real Men Wear ApronsShown above is “Real Men Wear Aprons” — a wall art decal, which is a fun way to spruce up the bachelor pad. {click the image to purchase}

{Grill Summer BBQ in Vintage Style}

Vintage Cookbook for Men

{click to purchase}

The best part of the summer comes with charcoal and flames but every grill meister needs a good old-fashioned apron!

And, if you really want to host the BBQ of the summer, then check out this vintage cookbook for men, Men In Aprons.

In it Lawrence Keating offers a man’s guide to culinary basics, as well as how to have a way with flavoring and how to make your salads haunt your palate.

So what kind of apron man are you? Vintage Dickies’ Denim? Vintage NFL? 1950s Vintage Novelty Print? Vintage Leather John Deere?

Vintage Tie Dye Apron

{click to purchase}

Laziest Chef Vintage Apron

{click to purchase}

Denim Dickies Apron

{click to purchase}

Lean Chicken Ad

{click to purchase}

Vintage Pro NFL

{click to purchase}

Vintage Leather Apron

{click to purchase}

No Applause Apron

{click to purchase}

1950s Yellowstone

{click to purchase}

1950s Free Lunch Apron

{click to purchase}

Vintage Lumber Apron

{click to purchase}

What’s your favorite grilling recipe? I’d love to know how you spice up your BBQ! Share your grilling tips with other Thrifty Vintage Chic fans!


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