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Summer Baking Delights: The Great American Pie

31 Jul

Cooking pie with your sweetie pie is more than pie in the sky, especially if it’s with the apple of your eye! My poetic musing simply reflects the inspiration behind this blog post — a Sunday afternoon of baking with my son! Continue reading


Nate Berkus, The Renegade Craft Fair & Top DIY Ideas

29 Jul

Recently, The Nate Show sent me to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to check out the amazing indie designers showcasing their stylish ingenuity at the Renegade Craft Fair. Here’s the top DIY ideas. Continue reading

Look Hot & Sassy in these 10 Retro & Vintage Swimsuits

27 Jul

Fall fashions have crept onto the racks, yet it’s still blazing hot … and what’s even worse, you’ve finally admitted your old suit has given up the ghost. Now what? Continue reading

Wool: Summer’s Vintage Fashion Statement

26 Jul

Michael Phelps has space-age materials to go splish-splashing in, but vintage enthusiasts Heidi & Joe model the predecessors to the Speedo LZR fast suit.

The materials? Organic & all-natural, you know, kind of like the sheep which grew the wool. Yes, wool in summerhow’s that for being a slave to fashion? Continue reading