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Fashionista Gets Schooled in Navy SEAL Ruck Run

23 Jun

From Navy SEAL PT in the wee hours of the morning to being a single mom, the polar opposite roles have been a sheer joy this week because … Continue reading


What Stilettos, ‘Hump Day’ & $20 Have in Common

22 Jun

Navy SEAL PT Course: Day 3. It’s also known as ‘hump day’ but it is far from downhill this point onward. Out of 26 who started, 22 showed up today — not exactly a robust showing, nor is it “dropping like flies” but that might be tomorrow. Continue reading

Don’t Get Dirty (like me), Get ‘Coined’: Here’s How

22 Jun

Already one Thrifty Vintage Chic fan is set to be “coined” for their donation of $1,000. But what does that mean exactly? (Other than a generous heart single-handedly has nearly funded the entire Walter Reed BBQ.) Cooking With The Troops’ Blake Powers explains this time-honored military tradition. Continue reading

How To Be All the Fashionista You Can Be: 3 Tips

21 Jun

Have you ever heard of the phrase: Your feelings are not an accurate test of reality? Well, it’s pretty solid advice for whatever a day holds — Navy SEAL PT Course or the marathon of child-shuttling. Continue reading