From Fashionista to Military Non-Profit’s First ‘Coined’ Civilian

24 Jun

Day 5 brought me to tears … but it wasn’t because of some new torture derived by Navy SEAL PT Instructor Jack Walston, rather it was from a handshake.

From Fashionista to Military Non-Profit’s First ‘Coined’ Civilian

Earlier this week, when Blake Powers of Cooking with the Troops explained the history behind “coining”,  it fascinated me to learn the history and context of a military tradition which I never knew.

Serendipitously, Blake has been in New York this week, developing various projects for Cooking with the Troops and it finally worked out that we caught up with each other at 6:45AM following my class’ graduation from Instructor Walston’s Navy SEAL PT Course.

We talked about the week — the exciting things Cooking with the Troops has coming up in the future, the physical challenge I just surmounted, the success of raising enough funds for a BBQ at Walter Reed and my next steps for seeing to it that the wounded troops in Germany also have a BBQ.

We strolled into Central Park, crossing the paths where I had just completed timed runs, carrying 10-plus pounds. Focused on finding a perfect back drop for a quick video interview on the military non-profit Blake co-founded, I was blind-sided.

I was “coined” by Blake on behalf of Cooking with the Troops for the work that I have done for the troops and the work which I will continue to do.

The backside of the Cooking with the Troops' coin which I was given today. My hand is dirty, bruised and with a splinter from the final day of the Navy SEAL PT Course with Jack Walston.

The gesture, the context of this personal endeavor and the history of this “time-honored military tradition” brought me to tears. I was left speechless that I am the first “civilian” to receive this honor from Cooking with the Troops.

Moreover, I continue to be humbled by this extreme honor that all of your support has bestowed upon me. I cannot thank you enough for growing as a team that’s fulfilling my biggest hopes and visions for contributing to the world.

We still have about $14,000 to give wounded troops in Germany the BBQ they deserve, and I know we will succeed! click to donate

Fittingly, the "coining ceremony" was witnessed and filmed by two Australian sailors: Derek, left, and Cory.


2 Responses to “From Fashionista to Military Non-Profit’s First ‘Coined’ Civilian”

  1. Denise Olson June 24, 2011 at 6:00 PM #

    Congratulations on finishing the course and your success with C4T. Your coin is well-deserved.


    • Thrifty Vintage Chic June 27, 2011 at 2:30 PM #

      Thank you, Denise!!! A lot of support (from friends & fans like you) made it all happen!! I couldn’t have thought the physical effort was worth it, if I wasn’t getting the encouragement and pay-off from seeing the funds start to be raised! So, thank you to you — it was and continues to be a team effort!


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