How To Be All the Fashionista You Can Be: 3 Tips

21 Jun

Have you ever heard of the phrase: Your feelings are not an accurate test of reality? Well, it’s pretty solid advice for whatever a day holds — Navy SEAL PT Course or the marathon of child-shuttling.

{How To Be All the Fashionista You Can Be: 3 Tips}

Doing this Navy SEAL PT Course takes something — more than just a gene for insanity, but it requires giving up being comfortable and complacent.

How do you think it would go over with Instructor Jack Walston if I said: “Eight-count body builders? Can’t I just do jumping jacks instead, I just don’t have the energy for the eight-counts.”

Ha. I’ll let you imagine the consequences because I’d rather not. Nevertheless, this example parallels how style and fashion often occurs to us in our daily routines.

How many times have you said: “I just can’t make the effort to really get dressed today. I’m just going to wear jeans instead.”

Trust me, I have been there and I have done that. But, it can become a slippery slope. Instead of wearing jeans and T-shirt just one day a week, it becomes two and then maybe “getting dressed” turns into just a casual pair of slacks and a boat neck.

Every day that we choose to just rock-out the “bumming it look” as Instructor Walston might say: “It scars you between the ears”.  In other words, every time we choose the easy way out, the more likely it is for the easy way out to become the new standard.

(Photo by Reagan)

What’s the Take-Away?

Always have a plan of attack.

Trust me, I did not feel like getting dressed today and looking presentable — every muscle is aching and my range of motion is definitely limited in all directions.

(Photo by Chris Doherty)

But, I recalled a quick and simple outfit that I had worn last summer that was elegant and breezy. You might remember it:

I was going to wear the yellow again, but I already had on black under garments and I’m not a glutton for punishment (raising my arms is some serious pain), so I altered the look for a stand-in black cotton shirt and amped up the glam factor with the red accents.

My hair entailed putting in a simple barrel curl and tamed the loose masses with a red bandana — which served as a casual and fun way to add in another red accent.

If you’re in a rush and don’t feel like getting dressed, here’s a couple of tips for being all the fashionista you can be:

1. Stack the Deck: Always have a couple of outfits that are your go-to looks for when you are tired and out of energy. The looks should have your bases covered for whatever your “Hail Mary” might require: professional & clean, fun & flirty, comfortable & chic.

2. Choose Glamorous Colors: Black and white are such strong bold statement, but when you throw in red, the look instantly becomes a glamorous classic.

3. Find Ways to Cheat: Doing a barrel curl for me is as quick as doing a neat pony tail and yet the impression is that I spent hours doing my hair, even if the rest of it just hangs unstyled. In your free time, play with your hair and find that cool, fun little way to add in a twist, barrel curl or braid to be your quick fix.

BONUS: Always remember the details — the red bandana really tops of the look and creates a finished air about my face. So adding in a quick hair detail — the primary purpose being functionality — can be an easy way to have your cake and eat it, too (un-styled hair looks styled and the outfit looks complete).

OK, my dear friends & fans … tomorrow is “hump day” which means it’s wash out day. Wish me luck, send your energy and prayers … and spread the word about this campaign!

Remember just $20 will give a wounded warrior a home-cooked All-American BBQ dinner and yet the difference made in boosting morale and the healing process is huge!

I‘m doing this SEAL PT Course to raise $16,500 so Cooking With The Troops can host two morale boosting BBQs for wounded soldiers & their families! CLICK to DONATE


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