Style Influences of a Blogging Daddy

19 Jun

How does blogging and being a father influence style? One San Diego social media father explains.

{Style Influences of a Blogging Daddy}

I met Matt Browne a couple weeks ago at BlogWorld NYC — an event for more than 1,000 social media buffs and buffettes to ponder, espouse and swap theories on the future of social media, via the Internet and other  technologies such as apps, tablets, etc.

Like a typical “chill” Californian, Matt obliged my curiosity on how style, social media and parenting mix, mingle and influence each other, or not.

Matt Browne / 31 / 1 child, almost 3 / divorced / @mattsurfs

(Photo Courtesy of

In a couple words, describe your style:
Minimalist, like all things around me to serve a purpose and maximize utility.

What did you learn from your father about style & personal appearance?
Not much. Cowboy hats and track suits aren’t my bag.

Describe the style of your office — or the place where you spend the majority of your time blogging, or “doing” social media?
It’s a coffee shop. Italian style, which I like because of the ambience and people, not necessarily the decor. The coffee bar is the best way to start my day. So many great conversations to be had, with zero pretense.

What fashion icon or design guru would you like to overhaul your closet and workspace?
No idea. Maybe you can make a suggestion.

Matt Browne's blog and initiative to connect San Diego's social media publishers.

What are your must-have picks for any man to carry with him “at all times”?
Can I say my iPhone? Otherwise I’d say a good pair of flip flops.

What has social media taught you about being a father?
Tough question. There’s a human side to being a father most people can relate to.

But I am at my best when I unplug when I’m with my daughter. Social media is a good outlet to vent, as long as you keep it humorous and details to a minimum. Oversharing in this area is just tacky.

How has being a father impacted your style?
I’ve reduced, and eliminated a lot. Hopefully without sacrificing style. Less is more. I buy less things that are higher quality and I am more thrifty without buying cheap.

Matt definitely has the calm, cool and collect look mastered — and that’s a must-have style that every man or father should have to carry the day.

Happy Father’s Day!


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