Renegade Craft Fair Brings Inspiration to Town

14 Jun

Ingenuity, passion, artistry and determination is what filled the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn this past weekend … and I left completely inspired.

{Renegade Craft Fair Brings Inspiration to Town}

I was so touched by the number of entrepreneurs — a majority if which were women — who traveled across the country to expand their business at this fair.

I could relate to the huge leap of faith they took in putting themselves out there — the logistics, the economics — and then there’s the labor of love — will it be well-received? deservingly valued? adequately compensated?

At every booth I stopped at, I felt as if I was among life-long friends: Like-minded people, turning their passions into fulfilling creative outlets that are driven by sustainable and eco-friendly methods.

Allow me to introduce you to just a couple of the amazing vendors at Brooklyn’s Renegade Craft Fair:

Ball and Chain

With a MFA in sculpture, Katrina Balling combined her academic training with her passion for thrift-shopping and vintage to create her own design line where she recycles flatware and other metal objects into jewelry. Who knew knife blades could look so hip as earrings?

Chime Jewelry

Leslie is a Cali girl and high school teacher, who traveled with her mom to the Brooklyn festival just “to expand her jewelry beyond the West Coast”.

Surrounded by musician friends, she started seeing an abundance of cracked drum cymbals and that gave way to inspiration.

Now she makes all forms of jewelry and belt buckles from the retired musical instruments. My favorite is the constellation necklace which you can see in the YouTube video.

Lekker Haas Paper

Diane is incredibly sweet and was shocked when I called her work “scherenschnitte” — gasping, “yes! Are you from Pennsylvania!” Yes, this is a Pennsylvania German-Dutch term for the art of paper cutting.

And, for Diane it is a labor of love — each piece taking more than 80 hours, the tedium which she relieves by watching her favorite primetime dramas. Fittingly, Diane says Lekker Haas is a German term for “Bunny Shop”.

Lilian Asterfield

To turn old ties into ruffled neckerchiefs and fanciful bow ties is the brainchild of Nicole Deponte.

This Boston fine-art artist turned into a repurposing vintage designer after stumbling upon the idea as she helped her brother complete a fashion project for his big label company. Her ingenuity has landed her into a full-time and growing business … and you can see her work in my YouTube video.

Other Inspiring Crafty Artisans

Michelle Hartney

Observatory Place

Reshape Studio

Viva Zapata Bags

But, inspiration at the Renegade Craft Fest went beyond goods & wares … a couple stylish men & a young girl proved style is personal expression!

Herbie Hartman & esteemed canine Henry

Now, for my personal expression of style … and to see what cool things I got at the Renegade Craft Fair, here’s a quick Vlog:

PS~ The Renegade Craft Fair is an international event that happens at various urban locations every year, including San Francisco, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Brooklyn and London. So if it’s near your hometown, you don’t want to miss it! Trust me!

(Photo by Blake Smith)


One Response to “Renegade Craft Fair Brings Inspiration to Town”

  1. Dawn June 14, 2011 at 5:01 PM #

    Robin, I LOVE your outfit. Those pants are to die for, especially accesorized the way you did. Love it all.

    BTW, I am a fellow Cancerian, lol. I should have known :-), my fellow lunar lovely. Happy Birthday in advance!

    Maybe you could post a tutorial on how you cut your teeshirt. I always screw mine up when I do them 😦


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