Lipstick & Sunglasses: In-A-Rush Style Secrets

1 Jun

June has arrived and so has the heat, as well as a busy summer schedule. Here’s my quick video tips on how to have it all!

{Lipstick & Sunglasses: In-A-Rush Style Secrets}

Looking good, feeling comfortable and staying on time can be as simple as three tips … and trust me, these tips I used in full-effect today!

What’s the Take-Away?

A polished outfit hides the rushed look.

What I mean is that I literally never got a chance to put my make-up on and by the end of the day, when I shot this video I did so with just lipstick and moisturizer.

I say that for two reasons — number one: by wearing an outfit that has a lot of pizzazz — bright colored blouse and a bold printed skirt — you automatically look put together.

You will be amazed how sweeping your hair back into a clean pony tail and throwing on lipstick will create a look that throughout the day people will compliment you on.

WHY? Although it is a woman’s perceived nightmare to face the world without the enhancement of make-up, when an outfit looks so polished, it appears as if you’ve taken hours to get ready — so thereby, it’s guilt by association.

Now, if you want to add an element of dramatic finish to your simple blouse and summery skirt-look, then throw on a pair of sunglasses. With lipstick and your shades, no one will know that you’re really going “make-up commando”!

shh! It’ll be our little secret … and I’ll share in your little chuckle of amusement when you cause double-takes along the way!

Number Two: Everything I do on this site is in the context of real life. I am not staging my looks, or arranging my life to make a pretty blog post.

And, I went on camera as-is to maintain the integrity of the Thrifty Vintage Chic brand, where I — as a real woman and a mom — authentically and transparently deal with my own roller coaster style vs time or energy conflicts.

The moral of the story is that if I can do it, so can you … and I’m happy to provide the blueprint for “how to” so your life becomes a little easier with “inspiring style that’s economical, sustainable and unique.”

What is your “in-a-rush” style secret?


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