Why Do You Celebrate Memorial Day?

29 May

So many things to do, tons to say and not enough time … but today is the day of reflection!

{Why Do You Celebrate Memorial Day?}

I am just amazed at how quickly time flies by … it seemed like April had just arrived and now June is upon us and I already have more than half of this new month already booked … which means July is practically here now!

Phew … breath!

OK, yes time disappears whether we want it to or not, but here’s the greater question: Is it time well spent? Am I being intentional and taking action? Am I remembering to smell the proverbial roses along the way?

Reagan holding his new baby cousin Chloe.

Time is on my mind lately. It first started with my son turning 7 at the end of April.

This birthday really struck me, as my mind reels over the thought that we have just entered the next phase of childhood, where he no longer is a little boy in the age bracket of the 4- 5-, and 6-year-olds, rather we are within the boy bracket of 7-, 8-, 9-, 10-year-olds … which is right before the middle school and teen years.

Again, breath!

Then there are my sisters — all three are married now and starting their families. One just had her second child and another is having her first child in August. Seeing my sisters be preggars and mommies is a wild phenomenon. Of course, it makes logical sense … but wow, how did we go from playing house to running households in a blink?

Sit down, breath.

All the "Wallace girls" and mom at Kathrine's June 2009 wedding. The bride is now expecting her first in August.

Then there is this blog which started in earnest (after recovering from my brain injury) just a year ago, which has now grown into a brand that’s developing into a business. I left amazed and thrilled, yet, I am greatly honored and humbled by the support and love I get from so many people that I’ve never met.

Mitch Canter (www.studionashvegas.com) and Robin Wallace at #bweny after party. (Mitch is designing the new Thrifty Vintage Chic site!)

Your fan support has given me opportunities and a new future that I never expected or thought possible. Because of you, I am being intentional and taking action on so many exciting new things.

This past week was huge on the front of “business development” where I attended the Blog World Expo in New York.

The event was amazing for anyone looking to learn more about social media or to confirm your inklings about a business plan and a leveraging social media strategy.

The most crazy thing happened though. I was walking across the showroom floor, when someone at a booth pointed and exclaimed: “Hey, I know you! Hi, Robin! I didn’t know you were here!”

Jessica Murray (www.socialmediaclub.org) and Robin Wallace at the Blog World Expo in New York.

At first, I was taken back — I was presumedly in a conference of more than 1,000 strangers and someone knows me?

But, then she started to look familar and then I had this fuzzy thought, is she a fan? Her face looks like a familiar Twitter avatar. And sure, enough, it was @JessicaRMurray a fan of @ThrftyVntgChc and this was the first-time we were meeting in person!

Then she started raving about how much the blog means to her and how it really helps her think about the clothes in her closet and the clothes she’s shopping for in a new way. It was a beautiful moment … that I then captured on my FlipCam.

What’s the Take-Away?

Time is precious & fleeting.

On this Memorial Day weekend, reflecting on life, those we love and the joys that we have is never more important. I am in awe of how lucky we are to live in such an amazing country that can afford the luxuries that I have — a single mom to live independently, safely, and inspired to pursue an entreprenerial dream.

I am so thankful for our military service members, firefighters and policemen, as well as their families. They miss birthdays, holidays and even whole years away from their loved ones just so we can live peacefully in our neighborhoods — free to protest our differences and debate all the woes of our political system.

The greatest pause that I give, though, is for a wish: May we truly value what we have.

Their sacrifices and dedication alone is not what will keep this country great or free.

As a citizenry we truly must fight to protect our great American life. The biggest step comes in taking responsibility for being great ourselves.

Consider how to make every day and every action a source of fulfilling your greatest potential — the greatest potential for your love and kindness.

If we can do this, then there will cease to exist problems of right or wrong, them and us. Sure, there will be differences, but the differences will be accepted as a means for greater understanding and growth.

What are you celebrating this Memorial Day?


One Response to “Why Do You Celebrate Memorial Day?”

  1. Pam June 3, 2011 at 8:56 PM #

    Excellent points on all fronts, Robin! I admire your drive and attitude so very much. 🙂


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