The Boho Blouse: A Perfect Summer Trend for Every Body Type

16 May

From baby weight to the over-50 waistline shift, here’s one trending style that has you covered!

{The Boho Blouse: A Perfect Summer Trend for Every Body Type}
Photos by JR Delia

We all have our reasons and life-stage’s circumstances as to why our bust-waist-hip ratio is not up to par, meanwhile our abs daydream of being washboard tight.

Yes, the solution is eating right, drinking lots of water and less (or no) caffeine and carbonation, plus working out …

But, here’s what you can do now to give your body a svelte look: Wear a boho blouse.

Robin Wallace and Ford Model Elora show off their boho-chic look from Callalilai and Vigoss Jeans.

With boho being the biggest summer trend, this is your secret weapon for melting the muffin top away while creating a youthful and flirty look. Here’s how:

1. The flowing lines of a boho blouse are loose and seamless which draws the focus to your face, neck and shoulders.

2. Magic happens in the lines of the blouse’s fabric creating the illusion of one smooth shoulder-to-waist look — no love handles, no pear-shaped hips.

3. The blouse paints an ethereal image translating you — by whomever’s perception — as delicate woman, in the exact likeness of all things feminine, sexy and beautiful.

4. If you happen to be among the lucky ones — no love handles, muffin top or pear-shaped hips — then, the beauty of the boho blouse naturally works for you, too.

See, whatever the body type, the design of the boho blouse’s style is to enhance and compliment the female by being a garment that captures the essence of a woman’s spirit and does not rely on defining her body.

Robin Wallace of Thrifty Vintage Chic, left, and Ford Plus Model Elora.

However, I have one word of caution — the neckline of a boho blouse can vary, thus do your options per your body type.

If you are like me, small busted AA/A/B cup, then wearing an empire waist boho blouse nicely accentuates the curves we have.

But if you are voluptuously curvy like Ford Plus Model Elora, then an empire-waisted blouse is not for you. Instead, opt for a tunic-styled boho blouse which allows your curves to be noticed without overwhelming your frame.

Robin Wallace, left, Ford Model Elora, center, and Fern, real-life mommy.

Lastly, for context: these fun images of real-life mom Fern, Ford Plus Model Elora and myself (also a mommy), were taken for the Mother’s Day Giveaway. Together we represent a partial collection of various body types you might be:

Elora: 5’10” size 8, curvy-hourglass figure.

Me: 5’10” size 4, lean-triangle figure.

Fern: 5’5″ size 8/10, pear-figure.

Although, it should be noted: Fern’s figure is closest to the body type that more American women have than any other: 5’4″ and size 8 (according to Liz Claiborne fit model standards).

Elora, Robin and Fern are wearing Callalilai blouses and Vigoss Jeans.

For more on the styles modeled, please visit my lovely sponsors:

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