Mother’s Day Giveaway WINNERS!

10 May

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the winners are —

Real-life mommies Robin Wallace, L, and Fern Vernon, C, are joined by Elora of Ford Models in wearing Vigoss Jeans and Callalilai. (Photo by JR Delia)

{Mother’s Day Giveaway WINNERS!}

This has been the most successful giveaway to-date for Thrifty Vintage Chic and it is all because of your amazing participation and contribution.

I was just astounded and absolutely touched by all the tender, poignant and real-life Hallmark moments everyone has shared with their mothers or as mothers.

Before I came down with this awful cold (complete with body aches and chills), I had a chance to write to a couple of you expressing personally how I was moved or could relate to your memories. Trust me, there will be many more e-mails to go out in the coming week because the richness of your sharing truly deserves such acknowledgment.  Thank you!

AND, as promised, here are the winners, which also can be publicly verified at

Grand Prize Winner: Becci
Runner-up: Bobbie D.
Runner-up: Heather Eberlin
Runner-up: Heather Grontkowski

Robin Wallace models the Grand Prize of Vigoss Jeans, a Callalilai blouse and Tracey Jackson's "Between a Rock and a Hot Place". (Photo by JR Delia)

Now without whom this amazing and fabulous swag would not be possible for everyone’s fun and merriment are the Mother’s Day Giveaway sponsors: Vigoss Jeans, Callalilai and Tracey Jackson.

Please show them your love, like their Facebook pages and follow them on Twitter, but most of all spread the word about their amazing denim, prints and wit, respectively!

Vigoss Jeans



Web Store

Tracey Jackson



More thoughts to come on the fashion of Vigoss & Callalilai with a how-to wear-it tips for curvy or lean body types! Plus, some candid videos from behind-the-scenes of the big Mother’s Day Giveaway photo shoot!

First, I must figure out how to stop my persisting ailments …


One Response to “Mother’s Day Giveaway WINNERS!”

  1. Itty Kay May 11, 2011 at 9:16 AM #

    Thanks Robin!
    That was a really sweet idea! You had better feel better real soon and keep on creating!! ❤ Itty


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