How a Jet-Setting Woman Lands as Successful Mom

6 May

From Hollywood to New York, and every fashionable European city there is, Tracey Jackson has seen it all while still being apart of her girls’ school carpool.

{How a Jet-Setting Woman Lands as Successful Mom}

Be a mommy and a successful career woman? Seems like the impossible dream …

But for Tracey Jackson — writer, blogger, filmmaker and mother of two — the juggle has been a dream come true. At 52, Tracey has made a name for herself as a screenwriter — most notably Confessions of a Shopaholic — and now has reinvented her career with the release of her first book, Between a Rock and a Hot Place: Why Fifty is Not the New Thirty.

With Lucy and her husband, Glenn, Tracey is at Shakespeare & Co. for her book signing in Paris. What's doubly cool is that minutes earlier my mom had met Tracey for the first time at the store -- yes, they both were in Paris at the same time! What are the odds?

Having met Tracey a couple of months ago in the green room of The 10! Show, where we both made a TV appearance for the Philadelphia market, she has truly grown into one of my biggest inspirations.

For some reason — whether it be media or cultural stereotypes — in my mind, I believed that because Tracey has been so successful in her career that her parental career would have been diminished.

However, I was recently privy to hanging out with Tracey and Lucy, her 11-year-old daughter, in their Manhattan home and what I saw, left me mesmerized.

Tracey was tender, affectionate and absolutely in-tune with her daughter, yet, she still handled various business calls — never loosing a beat between being mommy or being career woman.

With a heart the size of Montana, Tracey actively supports other moms and entrepreneurial women, believing that it is through each other that we can build a network for our successes.

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Be sure to check out her blog where yours truly and other inspiring people have been featured. Also, you can follow Tracey on Twitter, @TraceyJackson4.

And of course, you have to enter the Mother’s Day giveaway so you can have a chance to win Tracey’s funny new book (in addition, to a new look from Vigoss Jeans & Callalilai.)

And, now, here’s Tracey …

Signature color: pink /orange together
Wardrobe Must-Have: Great jeans
Favorite Designer: Michael Kors
What can you never have too much of in your closet? Ballet flats
Most indulgent “fashion splurge”: A Birkin
One thing you wish you had in your wardrobe: A great fur coat, but I can’t do it emotionally.

Your favorite mommy memory?
Carrying them around when they were around a year old.  When they were always attached to my hip like baby Koalas. Also the way they smelled as little babies.

On vacation Tracey Jackson is shown with her daughters, 19-year-old Taylor, L, and Lucy, R.

Your biggest style/fashion challenge since being a mommy?
Not having my girls take all my clothes.  Even my little one now fits in my shoes. You go to get your favorite item and it’s gone!

How do you deal with that challenge?
I got a lock for my bedroom door.

How has being a mommy changed your style?
I ‘m more casual.  I think I dress more like a kid. Cargoes, sweaters and flats.

Style advice for other mommies?

Don’t get frumpy just cause some of the other moms are and don’t get lazy or sloppy with your look.  Take a little time, even if it means throwing on a fun scarf with your yoga pants.  Try not to live in yoga pants.  Lipstick you need it more than ever. Accessories are very important.  Don’t stop making an effort.

Tracey with her daughter Taylor in a scene from her documentary, Lucky Ducks.

How do you keep yourself looking young?
EXERCISE. Botox!  Try and stay current and not dressing like an old lady. Oh and the one everyone is sick of, I stay out of the sun.

Your biggest parenting concern?
Raising happy, connected, engaged kids, with a strong set of morals in a fast paced, consumer, Kardashian-obsessed society. Teaching them patience and that good things come from hard work over time when they live in a world where it feels like everything takes two seconds

The best part of raising a child in NYC?
Everything is available.

The worst part of raising a child in NYC?
Everything is available.

Your favorite Mommy-Child hang-out date?
I hate to admit it – lunch and shopping. We are all fashion junkies.

What is your favorite way to do a mommy escape?
Long bath, lock the door!

What would be your perfect Mother’s Day gift?
Health and happiness for my family.

Your favorite Thrifty-Vintage-Chic shopping spot?
Thrifty: Target. Vintage: prowling around Lower East Side. Chic: Barneys.

A family holiday picture of Tracey,Taylor, Lucy and Glenn.

How can moms record their lives while busy raising kids?
It depends on the mom and how she likes to express herself, some do it through creative scrap booking, others photography, I used to keep a journal, now I blog and the Flipcam, I know it’s being discontinued, but they are still out there and cheaper, that is my new favorite way of recording family moments.  With technology being what it is it’s pretty easy these days.

Any writing or journaling tips?
Just do it.  A writer writes. You find the time. Whip out a pad or take notes on your phone while you’re waiting at pick up. Do the same in the park while the kids are playing without you.  Grab free minutes even if you are multi-tasking. I once wrote an entire TV pilot over a period of a month using
carpool wait time.

Robin Wallace reading "Between a Rock and a Hot Place" by Tracey Jackson. (Photo by JR Delia)

Thank you to Tracey for giving me a copy of her book weeks ago.

For me, it has been so insightful and entertaining that she agreed to share the book with you through the most appropriate themed giveaway of all — Mother’s Day.

Be sure to enter for your chance to win a sexy, chic and totally hip look from Vigoss Jeans and Callalilai, plus a special mommy-to-mommy book by Tracey JacksonBetween a Rock and a Hot Place: Why 50 is Not the New 30.

2 Responses to “How a Jet-Setting Woman Lands as Successful Mom”

  1. Roxy C May 9, 2011 at 12:41 PM #

    OMG Tracey puts me to shame. She looks so hot and is over fifty. I practically live in my yoga pants. I feel pretty frumpy in comparison and am going to shop right now for a new look!


    • Becci May 11, 2011 at 8:56 AM #

      Love it! I absolutely love to read about inspiring women who are STILL inspiring even when they are no longer 20! 🙂 Being a mommy is so darn hard these days – but looking good and feeling good and being good are some of the best examples you can give your kids – pride in who you are – who YOU are – not who others want you to be. And that parenting and working outside the home are not mutually exclusive. Thanks Tracey!


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