Being a Hip Mom Never Looked So Cool

5 May

Hip Brooklyn mom, Fern Vernon, models not just the Mother’s Day giveaway prize, but also how to be a stylish and busy mom.

{Being a Hip Mom Never Looked So Cool}
Photos by JR Delia

What little girl ever grows up with visions of being a Saturday Night Live parody of mom-jeans?

Rather we envision a charming, gracious, welcoming and beautiful version of our motherly selves — or at least that’s what was in my mind — which makes Fern the embodiment of our “cool” mom dreams.

Fern & I wearing Vigoss Jeans and tops from Callalilai. (Photo by JR Delia)

Fern and I just met — in fact, we met through friends during the NYC Easter Parade & Bonnet Festival, read/watch more here.

So it was serendipitous to ask her to be the other real-life mommy model as a different body type (than mine) for the Thrifty Vintage Chic Mother’s Day giveaway, sponsored by Vigoss Jeans, Callalilai and Tracey Jackson.

CLICK to enter the Mother's Day giveaway!

Fern is the kind of woman who makes you feel like her best friend in two minutes, and she’s a mom whose as cozy as a homemade quilt on a rainy day.

And because she is a darling, she not only agreed to model for this giveaway, but to share what makes her such a hip mommy. Aside from keeping pace with Hazel Petal, her four-year-old little girl, Fern runs a vinyl record manufacturing company based in Brooklyn with her husband. Without further ado …

Signature color: deep emerald green
Wardrobe Must-Have: vintage Pendleton blazer
Favorite Designer: Maria Corenjo
What can you never have too much of in your closet? Crisp knit tees
Most indulgent “fashion splurge”: A magenta Balenciaga  bag
One thing you wish you had in your wardrobe: A white Chloe bag from any season.

Fern Vernon is wearing a Callalilai dress. (Photo by JR Delia)

Your favorite mommy memory?
When Hazel was potting training I told her if she could make it through the weekend without an accident I would buy her whatever she wanted that Monday. She made it and we went straight to the toy store, where she picked out sequin ballet flats.

Hazel wearing a dress made by her grandmother and sporting her self-inflicted haircut.

Your biggest style/fashion challenge since being a mommy?
Shopping for clothes. Taking a child through a boutique, or consignment store can be challenging.

How do you deal with that challenge?
I am very lucky,  I discuss with her prior to entering the store what’s the plan, ( “today we need to find a pair of magic shoes for Mommy”) and actively ask her opinion and style advise, this doesn’t mean I purchase that item but I do try on things she picks for me.

How has being a mommy changed your style?
I no longer have the time to change my look 10 times before walking out the door.

Style advice for other mommies?

Always take a moment for yourself, no matter how hectic your morning is. A blazer over a tee with jeans, a little eyeliner and lip gloss, the necklace you have been saving to wear — it sets your mood for the day.

Hazel, already a girl with a sense of style, wearing her favorite purple Tod's boots.

How do you keep yourself looking young?
Sunscreen, is just as important for you as child.

Your biggest parenting concern?
How will I pay for my child’s education.

The best part of raising a child in NYC?

Hazel, with her father, is shown QC'ing grooves on the record.

The quality of life is tremendous. There is always something going on.

The worst part of raising a child in NYC?
The uncertainty of their education.

Your favorite Mommy-Child hang-out date?
Pier 6 Sandbox.

What is your favorite way to do a mommy escape?
My favorite mommy escape is to treat myself to a facial in Brooklyn Chinatown.

What would be your perfect Mother’s Day gift?
A macaroni necklace.

Your favorite Thrifty-Vintage-Chic shopping spot?
Village Thrift in Pennsylvania

Fern with her daughter, Hazel.

What is your go-to recipe for making dinner in a snap, while keeping the style all in place?
Roasted chicken stuffed with fresh tarragon. Looks like you spent hours cooking, but really takes all of 5 minutes.

Any cooking tips for stylish moms on-the-go?
A Cookie sheet and parchment paper. Any veggie, eg cauliflower, sweet potatoes, kale, tossed with olive oil, and sprinkled with a seasoned salt — Like  old bay, curry powder, or herbs de Provence baked at 350 looks and tastes great. Clean up is easy and contained.

Fern with Hazel, as a toddler, getting a mommy-daughter mani-pedi.

A special thank you to Fern for contributing so greatly to this site with all of her time — without her, this giveaway wouldn’t be what it is!

Be sure to enter for your chance to win a sexy, chic and totally hip look from Vigoss Jeans and Callalilai, plus a special mommy-to-mommy book by Tracey Jackson — Between a Rock and a Hot Place: Why 50 is Not the New 30.

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