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Why Do You Celebrate Memorial Day?

29 May

So many things to do, tons to say and not enough time … but today is the day of reflection! Continue reading


How to Dress a Boy in a Vintage 1940s Look

24 May

For a throw-back look for theme parties to parades, or just plain old-fashioned fun, here’s how you can dress your wee lads in a vintage 1940s look. Continue reading

Fashion Treasure in New York’s Golden Anniversary

22 May

I’m a history lover and an aesthete, so when I came across an official Golden Anniversary Jubilee book, I found myself in heaven. Continue reading

How Gap & Goodwill Will Save You Money

19 May

It’s a triple win!!! Help the planet, save money, give to others! AND, you can be stylish while accomplishing all three?!? Here’s how! Continue reading