How To Be an Earth Friendly Fashionista: 5 Tips

22 Apr

Robin Wallace gives 5 Tips on How To be an Earth-Friendly Fashionista for Earth Day 2011. It’s a day to consider ways for reducing our toxic footprint on this planet!

{Celebrating Earth Day & Vintage Earth Shoes}

And, 40 years ago Earth Shoes created a product that stood on this principle while offering a new way of treading.

So, what is an Earth Shoe? Inspired by how the foot walks along the Earth — such as a sandy beach or the soft ground — these shoes were made with thick soles, while the heels were thin.

Developed by Kalso, Negative Heel Technology was cutting edge in the 1970s allowing the wearer to walk heel-downward — a more natural and posture-correct way, so claimed Earth Shoes.

Hmm … does this sound familiar, as in the recent craze of fit or tone shoes?

Well, just like today’s trend, the Earth Shoe created fury of demand, so much so that the company released adverts asking the mainstream to be patient as they made more shoes!

This eventually led to other brands jumping on the Earth Shoe-bandwagon.

And, now, I own a pair of those vintage knock-offs, thanks to my Mom, who wore them as part of her hippie-cool wardrobe!

Incidentally, back in the ’90s when the ’70s style and grunge-punk trend did a mash-up, I was wearing her Earth Shoes during my high school days! And here they are on my feet today!

But if you want in on wearing Earth Shoes, there are plenty of eBay and Etsy vendors selling the vintage wonders. However, Earth Shoes is also still in business and has a complete line of men’s and women’s shoes from casual to fit, and everything in betweeen (except dress).

{So} What’s the Take-Away?

Be an Earthling.

Coined by the Earth Shoe company, being an Earthling means being free to express yourself however you wish.

“An Earthling takes inspiration from the offbeat, independent – and different – nature of our footwear, to wherever they want to go. Along the way, it’s all about being healthy, fit, and true to yourself.”

This is all well and good, but does this hippie-mantra actually do some good for the Earth? And, the answer is yes!

Earth Shoes "Swank" boot (which I heart), retails for $149.

Founded on Earth Day 1970, Earth Shoes has been conscious of its manufacturing impact on the Earth and as a result was “one of the first manufacturers to dedicate 100 percent” of its line to using water-based adhesives to reduce run-off during production.

While it continues to make strides in its creating a greener product (including vegan shoes), the company does set an example of how we all can be responsible for our “consumerism”.

How can you help the Earth and still look like an amazing fashionista?

1. Buy vintage. Doing so is not giving you a cool, one-of-a-kind piece, it also means you’re opting for a wardrobe item that already exists on this Earth, rather than ramping up the demand for new garments to be made.

2. Go thrifting. Supporting thrift stores and charity shops is more than a win-win, it’s a 360-degree win. The money you spend goes to help other people and causes, while the clothing you buy stays out of landfills.

Some "casual" Earth Shoe options, both $119.

3. Yard sale & donate. Spring cleaning? Hold a tag sale to find your cast-offs a brand new home, and what’s left-over donate to your local thrift or charity store.

4. Re-Purpose. Tired of your clothes? Look for ways to re-purpose them into brand new-looking garments (see my 5 DIY-Fashion Makeover Ideas) or, turn the stained or ripped clothes into rags, salvage the material into a pillow or sew into a quilt.

5. Shop green. Buying new is a responsibility to make sure that we support and seek out companies that are being green in their production and use of materials, as well as giving back to the Earth and its Earthlings!

By the way, if you hadn’t before noticed, being green is a major component of what Thrifty Vintage Chic is all about — just look at the tagline: where economics, sustainability and style meet!

So go love the Earth and celebrate the amazingness of life, nature & beauty!

I want to know: How are you celebrating Earth Day 2011?

Post your Green Style Status on the Thrifty Vintage Chic Facebook fan page!


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