April Showers Bring Bundles of Joy

18 Apr

I never understood why they were called “bundles of joy” but babies are just that.

After my son was born I realized why this saying is so true … there is such love, beauty, hope and dreams which are all wrapped up in a package of bubbling joy.

Today, I experienced the arrival of my sister’s second child, and how a baby can create exponential joy in a family

It was a day spent at the hospital, in the waiting room. It conjured up images of the classic black and white movie scenes of the nervous father pacing back and forth until the nurse came out with the congratulating news.

However for me, I was playing the role of Auntie Robin keeping my own child and 2-year-old niece occupied with games of hide-and-seek, fort-making and window-gazing, which then lead to an adventure of skipping down the hallways into the grand lobby and outside to the lawns.

The anticipation of these two little people for a new baby was bursting at the seams.

A dandy from my love.

Kisses and a flower for mommy & baby!

Then the news came, there was a new baby — thankfully for Mama Jen, it was a quick process.

And, two little girls became sisters.

Daddy introduces Lillian to Baby Chloe.

Mommy, Chloe & Lillian

{So} What’s the Take-Away?

History & Families Go Hand-in-Hand.

My niece was born at Reading Hospital in Reading, Pa. She, as well as, I and my three sisters were all born there. A family tradition, perhaps, and fittingly our family’s history at the hospital is just part of the history of the region, and this particular historic teaching hospital.

For further context, our Great-Grandmother Derr graduated form nursing school at the Reading Hospital. So, walking down the hallways with the new generation skipping ahead was priceless as the wall art showed a parallel timeline of previous generations.

Enjoy the history of these mothers and babies from the 1920s.

Looks like handmade "yo-yos" as the detail on her cloche.

Reading Hospital Ladies Auxiliary, circa. 1920s.

Back-Seam Stockings

I could have spent all day looking at all the historic photos of the hospital — studying the detail of the clothing and hair styles, but naturally, there was more important things at hand.

Still this small peak into the past of mothers and babies (at Reading Hospital) was just a tiniest of highlights for the day and I am happy to pass along this view to you!


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