Sock Hop Into Spring: Why Men in Stylish Socks Turn Me On

28 Mar

{Sock Hop Into Spring: Why Men in Stylish Socks Turn Me On}

Part of my daily routine is to walk up Madison Avenue, where for a couple blocks, there is nothing but men’s apparel stores, or so it seems. Now as a stylista, fashion I love.

However, the aesthetics of stylish men’s wear and men wearing stylish wares, well, this is something I simply adore with great revelry.

Needless to say, my mornings are brightened with sparks of inspiration from haberdashery delights. None more so than from Paul Stuart.

Just my mere passing by of the store front sends me into a tizzy of daydreams, but then to venture into the plush two-level upscale boutique of “unique Anglo-American classics” … my, oh my! Be still my beating heart!

My love of Paul Stuart may actually be at the brink of stalkerdom as evidenced in this evening’s retreating walk along Madison Avenue.

I spotted two Paul Stuart bags being toted by a gentleman in front of me, and I was so overjoyed at the prospect of the treasures within that I caught myself mid-word, calling out to this stranger with sheer gushing curiosity, intent on learning of his new wardrobe choices.

Alas, at mid-word I lost my nerve or found my sensibility — however it might be described — and realized that such pent-up adoration must be shared, otherwise I risk pouncing on unsuspecting Paul Stuart clients.

I do hope you will enjoy my snap shots of their current window display, as well as a couple catalogue images, and then watch my vlog on Why Men in Stylish Socks is a Turn On.

What a beautiful combination of styles for a dress-utilitarean boot!

LOVE the double buckle with the wing tip toe.


Color and Patterns either bold or subtle are all easy details that bring an ensemble up at least three notches on the style dial, not to mention sex appeal!

Classic lines with modern colors and patterns = love at first-site. Then there is the layering of mutliple prints & patterns: oolala!

From the concert hall to the charity dinner, this look is divine in every way for a certain fairy tale, happily-ever-after ending!



2 Responses to “Sock Hop Into Spring: Why Men in Stylish Socks Turn Me On”

  1. David P Lochner April 5, 2011 at 8:53 PM #

    Robin, great piece! I agree that socks really make an outfit. They definitely bring out certain other pieces. I am a big fan of vibrant colors that match my neck wear or that might match a brightly colored shirt I may wear. I generally go for horizontal striped patterns as I am a swing dancer and they make my footwork look a little faster and more clearly defined. Thanks again for posting this!!



  2. Zack April 7, 2011 at 10:24 AM #

    Robin, I enjoyed reading and watching your video. Your editing skills are improving every video post you do. Great work! Now lets take me shopping cause I have ruined all my dress shirts and dont have a sense of creativity when I dress up for work. It can be plain and boring at times.


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