NYFW Fall 2011 Street Style: How-to Do Summer in Winter

17 Feb

It wasn’t the runway, but I was walking like it was a catwalk during New York Fashion Week Fall 2011.

{NYFW Fall 2011 Street Style: How-to Do Summer in Winter}

Left, right and double time — New York has been putting its best step forward — fashion-forward, that is.

Naturally, the city is teaming with inspiration spawned by Fashion Week Fall 2011. And, this is one of my inspired outfits of the week as captured by this head-to-toe video, complete with a couple of style tips:

How Much for ‘NYFW Fall 2011 Street Style’? $46

$0 Camel Felt Beret (friend gifted)
$.50 Vintage Scarf (thrift store)
$1.50 Gold Costume Necklaces (thrift store)
$1.50 Lace Blouse (thrift store)
$5 Gold Costume Ring (Clearance, Arts Echo, Manhattan)
$5 Tan Suede Vest (Charity Benefit Sale, West Chester, PA)
$6 Black Opaque Tights (Daffy’s, Manhattan)
$6 White Leg Warmers (online speciality retailer)
$10 Camel Leather Ralston (Charity Benefit Sale, West Chester, PA)
$12 Kelly Green Mini Skirt (Clearance, Arts Echo, Manhattan)

{So} What’s the Take-Away?

You can do summer in winter.

Perhaps you remember this skirt and suede vest from a couple of months ago when it was part of the first Thrifty Vintage Chic “guesstimate” contest. Well, in that combination, the skirt was clearly part of a summer outfit, and technically, because it is a permanently pleated organza, the skirt is for summer.

However, you can get away with pulling certain things across seasonal borders by making sure you follow a couple of rules:

  1. Layer Up: The leg warmers, the tights and the vest all create a look that is not only practical but matches the season’s typical silhouettes which have more bulk.
  2. Texture Up: The lace blouse, the suede vest and the knit leg warmers all add a depth of texture matching the heaviness of typical winter garments.
  3. Cover Up: The scarf and beret, as well as the tights-leg warmers combo, cover up any exposed areas of skin which the shorter hemline would expose, and it keeps the body’s heat contained — especially the felt beret.

By following these three rules, my very light and uber summer green mini absolutely works for winter! Not only does it bring a nice pop of color, it gives a splash of hope that spring really is just around the corner!

What are some of your “summer does winter” looks?

Post photos of it on the Thrifty Vintage Chic Facebook fan page.

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3 Responses to “NYFW Fall 2011 Street Style: How-to Do Summer in Winter”

  1. kris February 18, 2011 at 12:06 PM #

    Fabulous example of how wonderful thrifting can be. Your style amazes me. I enjoy having you on my blog roll – just one click away, and I’m inside a beautiful vintage filled world. ; )


    • Thrifty Vintage Chic March 1, 2011 at 12:13 AM #

      Kris, coming from you … this is an awesome compliment! So happy to have you on my site, and to have me included on yours! Hip-hip-Hurray for blog love! Hope we both can keep inspiring each other to push our style limits!!


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