A Stylish, Good Old-Fashioned Work Ethic

10 Feb

There’s nothing like a little bit of hard work …

applying some elbow grease to the task at hand, or getting down to hard tacks, except from doing so with a smidge of panache.

Photos by Christopher Doherty

Panache: dash or flamboyance in style, action; showing a certain confidence & courage.

{A Stylish, Good Old-Fashioned Work Ethic}

To me, getting out in the brisk air to shovel the walkway clear from snow or bring in firewood is a delight that allows the mind, body and soul to stretch and soar with renewed invigoration.

Now, I do realize that it being mid-winter, in a season where umpteen feet of snow has been dumped upon us, this might be a very unpopular claim.

However, I believe this bit of physical work helps keep the cabin fever at bay during such long months when being outside is hardly relished.

Nevertheless, chores are chores regardless of the season and looking good while doing so is possible.

This, I believe, came from my mother, who told us four girls: “Just because you’re cleaning the house, it doesn’t have to look like it.”

So that meant, if someone rang the doorbell and came in, then they could do so and find a welcomed seat without all the furniture moved about the room for vacuuming’s sake.

This concept I adapted into the fashion of “choring” — so if I have to run to the bus stop mid-cleaning, or if an unexpected neighbor stops me on the sidewalk that I’m shoveling, I won’t have to worry about my inappropriate appearance amid being temporarily “caught” in public.

Here are a couple shots of my favorite utilitarian outfit in action:

How Much for “Stylish, Good Old-Fashioned Work Ethic”?  $24.75

$0 Green & Square Print Knee-high socks (hand-me-downs from my sister)
$0 Houndstooth Cap (inherited from my great-grandfather)
$.25 Cotton Grommet Belt (Goodwill Outlet, Lancaster, PA)
$.50 Cotton LL Bean Gingham Shirt (Rainbow Thrift Store, Towanda, PA)
$4 Army Surplus Olive Drabs (bought in High School somewhere in Lancaster County, PA)
$10 Camel Leather Ralston (Charity Benefit Sale, West Chester, PA)
$10 Flight Jacket by Bomb Boogie (Daffy’s, Paramus, NJ)

{So} What’s the Take-Away?

It’s not just a commercial …

… Cotton really is the fabric of our lives. It is a hardy material that allows for the body to move and breathe, while bringing a fair share of comfort that also stands up to the rigors of hard work.

This I say because in today’s modern society of sweats and T-shirts, it seems that this is all we really believe in for comfort wear or for conquering the “honey, do list.” However, cotton button-ups and slacks are just as comfortable a blend of cotton.

Perhaps, though, folks feel wearing a pair of dungarees or a button-up shirt is a waste if the garments should get ruined in paint or stains from the chores.

However, my LL Bean gingham shirt was something I got at a thrift store sale of $10 a bag. So if you want to look presentable and harness the inner Rosie the Riveteer look, then frequent such sales where the clothes are so cheap you don’t mind how much dirt soils them.

Also, no matter what price you pay, consider the quality. Look to grab up brands that are known for being workhorses, such as Dickies, LL Bean and Woolrich.

Then designate a pair of slacks and a shirt as your everyday-chores-attire so when the list reaches its tipping point, you know just what to do — take up the uniform and get busy — But, remember, whistle while you work!!

PS …
the real test of “a stylish, good old-fashioned work ethic” is whether or not you are happy to wear it outside of the house. And, for me, this outfit is wearable down the streets of Brooklyn as much as it is in throws of spring cleaning.

To See More Fun Images From This Series, Click Here.


3 Responses to “A Stylish, Good Old-Fashioned Work Ethic”

  1. Chandra February 14, 2011 at 5:05 PM #

    Lovin your blog! I especially love the purple door in these pictures!

    Following through bloglovin!
    Follow back?


    • Thrifty Vintage Chic February 14, 2011 at 8:44 PM #

      Chandra, thanks for stopping by & following. The door’s hue is called: Poetic Purple! We had to do something to spruce up the house and infuse a little eccentric whimsy!



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