Simple Vintage Inspiration from a Sunday Afternoon Drive

4 Feb

{Simple Vintage Inspiration from a Sunday Afternoon Drive} It was I, a tank of gas and my trusty map which set out on an adventurous Sunday drive and where the road lead was to “aesthetic inspiration.”

There is nothing I enjoy more than an afternoon kissed by the sun’s golden hues, a meandering open road and vast scenery.

It just lets my mind open up and wander in thought, a mirror of my car’s rambling through the physical terrain.

On this day, I stumbled upon a charming little town. I first was greeted by this clapboard bungalow. Although cast in forlorn abandonment with its distressed planks showing its of weathering time, the home struck me as cozy, slumbering in a dream of frolicking joy.

But no sooner had I driven past this diamong in the rough, did I come to a bank that cast in my mind’s eye images of the wild, wild west. This building, the Tuckahoe (NJ) National Bank, struck me as architecturally interesting, albeit a basic “box” foundation.

The actual walls are what fascinates — the mix of stone work and brick masonry topped by the provencial style of wooden roof eaves. The building oozes fortitude and stability.

On the contrary, the next striking building had a dainty ambience. Although, it too is solidly built, the colors and minute bric-a-brac seemed to me like the hem of Victorian lady’s lace handkerchief.

Immediately, this home made me want to play hostess to tea parties and garden parties, and any other party I could reason up!

aw, and its for sale -- now, that's a Home Sweet Home!!

Now, just across the street from the dainty Victorian is a gorgeous structure built in the early ’30s. Without knowing its history, to me it appears as a meeting hall turned hardware store.

Thanks to Ed, seen in the photo to the right, I learned that the wonderful diamond shape siding is infact asbestos — 1st generation, that is.

He and his son, also, recently rennovated the building into this lovely vintage-inspired storefront.

My last little find in this town of a thousand quaint attractions was a neglected greenhouse.

Somehow the grand oak reaching out over the entrance, acting as a covering, conjures the spirit of discovering a “secret garden.”

Over the years, I have rented a good number of apartments in  older homes and my ultimate delight has been finding the old structures of gardening beds long forgotten,a nd returning them to their former glory.

I suppose this is why this greenhouse beckons me so much — it’s as if my green thumb can see and feel all the possible beauty that can be brought to life from such a structure.

{So} What’s the Take-Away

Stop & smell the roses

It might sound contrite, but I really did nearly forget to stop and smell the roses on this little afternoon jaunt. And had I just blown on by this little town, I would have never truly noticed and appreciated all the finer details of its existence.

Nor, would have I been inspired by the simple and ornate beauties the town of Tuckahoe beholds. Lastly, had I stayed comfy in my car, isolated from the world and dead-set on my destination, I would have missed an opportunity to connect with a couple amazing townspeople.

While it may be cold, snowy and gray overhead, finding the silver lining is key to the simple joys in life.

Beauty can be found anywhere, but it truly is up to us to have a keen enough eye and a soft enough heart to be open to its discovery.

What are some of the simple joys found on your last “Sunday afternoon” drive?

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