Be 2011: Ten New Year’s Resolutions for a New Style of You

3 Jan

In 2011, Be Glamorous. (Robin Wallace, Model; Clayton Nelson, Photographer)

{Be 2011: Ten New Year’s Resolutions for a New Style of You} It’s a new year, it’s a new decade and you can decide right now how it will go. But keep in mind these 10 must-follow fashion resolutions.

Here’s my “Thrifty Vintage Chic” Top 10 list of New Year’s resolutions for a fashionably successful 2011:

No. 10: Be fad disciplined and budget — fanciful fashion follies will not allow you to be a fashionista and mogal of your domain. Set a monthly limit on apparel — practical and splurge – and learn to pass on most of the season’s trends by picking one core element that could be worn for as many scenarios and combinations as possible. Then, let that one piece be your nod to keeping time with the runways’ whims.

No. 9: Think out-of-the-box — when considering what’s already in your closet, but forget how you’ve ever worn before in the past. Mix business with casual, casual with night-life, even night-life with business — just get in there and throw the rules out the window. Be creatively fun, without hesitation, and you’ll discover new possibilities.

In 2011, Chase Dreams. (Robin Wallace, Model; Sean Bolden, Photographer)

No. 8: Purge the closets and drawers — from those things beginning to show wear and tear, things not worn in a year (exception: formal wear), things you wear regularly but aren’t in love with. This will make room for the new additions which will redefine your style in 2011! But do not fill the local landfill with your extras — donate to a shelter, a charity store or non-profit organization, or a national chain thrift store.

No. 7: Build a ‘details theme’ — belt, necklace, bracelet, tights, scarf, hat, shoes — all in the same hue as each other, can include various prints or patterns, but you should the set in your favorite color, or your favorite’s complimentary color. Like a butterfly, you will be attracted to buying other wardrobe elements in the color you like best, so a “details theme” will be paramount for jazzing up each possible outfit.

No. 6: Prepare and anticipate — by having ready one incredibly cool, funky and fresh outfit that will have you looking calm, cool and collect for that must-impress first date or an incredible night out with all your favorite people.

No. 5: Fill in the gaps of your wardrobe — make a shopping list of all the items you’ve muttered over not having — “this would be perfect, if I just had a pair of black tights.” Prioritize which ones would be worn most, and by season, then go shopping — but only according to your budget!

In 2011, Defy Gravity. (Robin Wallace, Model; Ed Getley, Photographer)

No. 4: Branch out and expand your personal expression — if your standby style is a cotton long sleeve and slacks, then aim for one outfit a week that’s neither; if you never wear skirts, or gents, if you never wear a tie, then choose to wear a skirt or a tie, respectively, every designated “branch-out” day, such as Friday.

No. 3: Discover your statement piece — it’s the one accessory that will go with nearly everything by making a statement of an ordinary T-shirt and jeans combo, to making a simple cocktail dress riveting. Consider these possible details: a necklace, scarf or shoes.

No. 2: Push the limits & embrace the inner vision — of who you see yourself as by finally throwing down the gauntlet and like the Nike motto: Just Be It. If you think “I can’t wear sequins! I shouldn’t wear a hat. I wouldn’t dare wear colored tights” and this is said out of fear, then that’s exactly what you need to do!

No. 1: Choose to accept yourself — your body, your beauty, your style sense as perfect and complete because everything beyond where it is right now is just a bonus expression of an already existing masterpiece!

Bonus: if you need a little guideline for that “what-if” situation when you come across a fabulous must-have that’s not on your list, or accounted for in your budget, then read this post for my “rule of thumb.”


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